Nat Geo Wild ~ Awesome Answers to Animal Issues ~ Sea Lions in this Case

I would strongly recommend a daily dose of Nat Geo Wild ~ if you’re a Hathaway Cable customer it’s Channel 456 currrently

This morning I saw a fascinating serial ‘When Animals Behave Badly’

Sea Lions on Pier 39 in San Francisco Bay

Sea Lions ~ These huge sloppy but cute animals had simply chosen Pier 39 Marina in San Francisco Bay in USA to park themselves in great numbers from 1990 ~ they were a record 1700 at one time ~ disappeared suddenly for awhile only to return back in 2010 ~ barking,pushing,slumbering ~ simply taking over Pier 39!

Boat Owners were stressed out ~ the noise at night was getting to them ~ it was like living in a dog kennel said one ~ another stepped out for a breath of fresh air in the night from his boat only to step on a sea lion ! both yelled at each other ~ but both were scared !

So the vexed boat owners came out with some horrendous solutions to electrify the area or strew it with broken glass ! to electrocute and injure these lovely God’s Creatures ! ~ Cousteau Researchers even said they could send a Mechanised Shark,a natural predator, to be put in the Bay to scare off the sea lions !

What was wisely done was remarkable ! ~ Nothing !

Boat Owners were given  choice to park their Boats in another nearby Marina ~ and the sea lions who had made this their home of choice were left to their choice ! ~ They soon became a tourist attraction and hundreds came to see them in their hundreds ~ and that too at close range which would not have been possible out at sea !

Awesome Answer to An Animal Issue !

Read more on them on Pier 39 here >

Cheers !