Just Love our Just selected New International Symbol for our Indian Rupee!

I just love this New International Symbol chosen today for our Indian Rupee….A great choice by a Government Group of 5 from a shortlisted of 5 Symbols…It was submitted by IIT Post Graduate,D Udaya Kumar who joins IIT Guwahati as a faculty today

Brilliant Udaya !

It’s very Indian,yet got that stamp and authority of  International Status,Value and Power all over it…an amalgam of Devanagiri  ‘Ra’ and the Roman ‘R’ without the stem

D Udaya Kumar wins Rs 2.5 lakhs for winning the competition…the criteria set was that the Symbol should

  • be applicable to a standard keyboard
  • be in a national language script or a visual representation
  • represent the historical and cultural ethos of India 

Set it against the $ or the € or the £ or the ¥….our New Symbol for the Indian Rupee is the best !

…and yes,I’m being Patriotic !