Of Sparrows and Squirrels and also a Parrot on a Lovely Wet Saturday Morning in Mumbai

…..a Lovely Wet Saturday Morning in Mumbai…

……and what a lovely divine and warm sight of Squirrels and Sparrows and even a Parrot today ( flew away before I could click properly !) around and even on our Plants…and picking on rice grains that we offer everyday…in fact when the grains are over they make such a racket to remind us !…squirrels even boldly venture into the Floor of our Living Room to make this Point!….we get some Crows too…and they are deaf to the Mumbai Indians IPL Horns that we blow to shoo them away…wondering if a signboard ‘Crows not Welcome’ will do the trick!…would not mind them if they don’t shoo the others away and hog all the grains !

…and we’re on the fourth floor ! 

Have a Great Weekend…Cheers!