It’s no wonder they make Movies like ‘Rang de Basanti’ and ‘Shahenshah’!

To be honest,I did not initially connect with the ending of ‘Rang de Basanti’,where the young Indian Youth with a moral and social conscience kill the Defence Minister, and one of them ,even his own father, as they were shamelessly involved in scams and corruption on a gigantic scale with little or no remorse that they were looting their own country

It dawns on me now why young people are compelled by circumstances to take law into their own hands to get rid of such ‘old’ and ‘ongoing’ menace…This is not the India they want to Live they are Changing it

With the increasing Scale of Scams…there is just no end to Greed !…It is not too difficult now to connect with the ending in ‘Rang de Basanti’ and the role of ‘Shahenshah’ where the angry Amitabh Bachhan plays the title role in a one man mission to destroy all who are criminal and corrupt

Just look at what is happening !…The Judiciary is supposed to be supreme…yet Supreme Court Judgements are blatantly flouted by Political leaders and their Parties…there is ongoing debate that even the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction over Parliamentary Affairs !

The Telgi Stamp Scam of Rs 30000 crs (US $ 6 Billion) exposed the high and mighty in the political arena,to no avail…Major Defence Scams have been exposed but little justice done…. The recently exposed Telecom Scam of Rs 80000 crs (US $ 16 Billion) in granting 2G Licenses at Throwaway Valuations too may meet a similar fate……The scale is put in perspective if you view it against the fact that over 20%, or over 200 million people, of the 1.13 Billion Population In India live officially below the poverty line of just over Rs 500 (US $ 10 only ) for urban areas and even lower than this for rural areas

Land Scams,Stock Market Scams,Pyramid Scheme Scams,Defence Scams,Health Scams,Employment Scams…the list is endless…I now fear that with the Indo US Nuclear Treaty having been signed,the Mother of all Scams may be just ahead ! 

Yes, we are the world’s largest democracy and love our Freedom…..Freedom of Frustration,Freedom of Anger,Freedom of being Shorted,Freedom of Poverty and the Continuing Inequality……

We have ourselves to blame….we vote these Legislators to our Legislature…they pass the laws,often guided by pecuniary interests…they are guided by The Executive….often how not to leave footprints in the Trail…..we are protected by a Judiciary who itself has repeatedly thrown up it’s hands in frustration…when Deliberate Delays and Denials and Destruction of Evidence has become the order of the Day read more