Reliance Equities International launches it’s Model Equity Portfolio for India…Thinking is Defensive and unDynamic…very unReliance like…I would say it’s even flawed !

Just perused the Model Equity Portfolio for India that Reliance Equities International has launched.It’s been authored by their Head of Research

Excited to know what’s in it ! ?…more  so after I tell you that the Report is titled ‘Boom and Bust’ with the tagline ‘Resistance is Futile’ !?

Turned out to be a Dampener really…no Originality at all ! …very unReliance like ! if I can say so !

The Portfolio has got 36 scrips chosen with the following criteria

  • The benchmark is the Sensex
  • No one scrip should weigh more than 10% of the Portfolio
  • Those scrips that weigh individually more than 5% of the portfolio should not collectively weigh more than 40% of the Portfolio
  • Liquidity in the Scrip must be there and the threshold is an average weekly trading volume of 4 lakh shares in the scrip
  • Sector Allocation done on basis of current view which is Overweight on Energy,Materials,Consumer Discretionary and Healthcare and Underweight on Consumer Staples,Telecommunication and Utilities and Marketweight on Industrials,Information Technology and Financials 
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