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Take a Bow ‘Times Now’ for ‘Heroes’ ! ~ What a Wonderful Inspiring Salute to our Defence Forces !

Take a Bow ‘Times Now’ for ‘Heroes’ ! ~ What a Wonderful Inspiring Salute to our Defence Forces !

Heroes ~ Bravehearts of the Indian Defence Forces

Last Night after returning from an Independence Day Dinner ,was fortunate to catch an inspiring programme ‘Heroes’ on Times Now

62 Gallantry Awards,including 15 Shaurya Chakras were announced on Independence Day for Acts of Valour by many in our Defence Forces

Some of these Heroes were on the Programme yesterday and recounted in their own words the Act of Valour for which they received the Award

Naxalites in the Forests , Piracy on the High Seas , Terrorism in Urban Cities~ These Heroes have successfully combated all such situations going even beyond the call of Duty ~ “I have to face my men,my nation ” was the proud reason given by one who lost his eye for his driving force in that situation and despite the Fear,fearlessly and successfully combating the terrorists in the 26/11 Mumbai Attack 

It was simply inspiring and reassuring that we have such fearless bravehearts in our Defence Forces whose Head and Heart are in the right Place !

Some of the Gems that were worded from these Heroes

“Naam,Namak aur Nishan”  ~ The Driving Forces that Motivates these Men

“Jab Marna hai tub Marenge,lekin uske pehley nahi Marenge !”

” The Six Beliefs that are instilled in the Forces during Training & Operations

  • believe you are the best in the Forces
  • believe that your weapons and equipment are the best
  • believe that you are the best to use these weapons and equipment
  • believe that your team members are better than you at using these weapons and equipment
  • believe that the support teams will deliver at that funnel of death when you want them to 
  • and last of all and most important is believe that whatever decision you take in that situation inside will be supported and stood by from the outside ! ” 
Many outstanding retired  Members of our Defence Forces too were on the show and heard in person as these Heroes recalled the situation they faced and which inspired their Act of Valour ~ one of these remarked towards the end of the show that if the rules allowed he would like to come out of retirement and rejoin the Commando Force ! ~ one recalled how he could not become a paratrooper that he dreamt of because he was underweight to pull the parachute strap at the time ~ even though,during the training, they tried to increase his weight through additional supplements of Milk and Bananas ! ~ no regrets,he stated, as one learns in the Defence Forces,to take the good with the bad ! 
Many Superiors of these Heroes,including Chiefs of the Defence Forces too certified the Bravery 
I was overwhelmed as each of these heroes recalled the situation they faced and how they won against all odds ~The Humility,the Sacrifice,the Pride,the Spirit,the Patriotism,The Loyalty,the Fearlessness despite the Fear,the Quick Thinking,The Natural Instinct to Survive and to Save Others,The Guts,the Courage,The Bravery ~ and much more came through as they spoke ~ every word worth it’s weight in gold ! ~ and the sense of humour too as if it was just another day for them ~ with one pilot thanking the Russians for making such a sturdy Helicopter that Naxalites bullets were simply falling off the Fuel Tank,unable to pierce it  ! ~ they were just 50 of them in the Forest facing the bullets from 2000 Naxalites all around them in the Forest trees
As one of the more articulate Award winners explained ~ This is not Conventional Warfare and decisions have to be taken in the emerging and evolving situations ~ moving from Survivor to Saviour is the biggest challenge and one has to cross that line of the Funnel of Death in such situations ~ how during the 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist attacks, 1800 to 2000 hotels rooms of the Taj and Oberoi were sanitised one by one and how differently in both locations they first came face to face with the Terrorists ~ At Taj they confronted the terrorists in and cornered them in the corridors while at Oberoi,they first came face to face with a terrorist on the 18th floor  in the third last room of combing on that floor on the second day of the nightmare
I stand up and salute our Defence Forces ~ as did the two ace anchors,Arnab Goswami and Mahroof Raza, who both quite fittingly hosted the whole programme while remaining standing at their podium while all the rest were seated  ~ and as Mahroof wisely said ” There are Positives in our Defence Forces ~ Let’s look at them”   
Each and every Indian should see this Programme
I stand up and Salute our Defence Forces ~ never doubted but needed this reassurance ~ I know I shall sleep more soundly from now on ! 
I’m sure more and more of us will be inspired to join the Navy,Army and Airforce to serve the greatest democracy in the world,India
Thank You ‘Times Now’ for getting our Heroes in the Defence Forces talk to us directly ~ Take a Bow while I too Bow to these Heroes !
Jai Hind !


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