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Take Time out from our Sensex & Nifty to Fly Kites today on Makar Sankranti !

“tilgud ghya godgod bola”~Happy Makar Sankranti~Pongal~Bhogali Bihu~Lohri~Id-e-Milad

Take Time out from our Sensex & Nifty to Fly Kites ! ~ Avoid this Serious Investor Mistake not to !

Flying a Kite with Daughter in 2008

I’m Crazy about Kite Flying ! though some think I’m just simply Crazy,Period !

This was four years ago in 2008 ~ My Daughter has grown older and I younger !

Fly Safe ensuring the ‘Manja’ does not cut Birds in Flight or your Fingers ~ Kite “Kanni” should be 0:0 if wind is strong or 1:0 otherwise ~ Tape your flying finger so that the ‘Manja’ does not cut it ! ~ have an expert ‘Firki’ holder who senses when to ‘lapate’ and when to ‘dheel choud’ especially when you are entangled in a ‘Pech’

My record is 18 ‘Kai Po Che!’ with just one single Kite of mine flying ! ~ that was when I was single in another era ! ~ probably never going to break that record now that I’m married ! ~ don’t ask me what the connection is !

Enjoy the Day ! Cheers !


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