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Tap Dancing To Work ~ Warren Buffett on practically everything from 1966 to 2012 ~ compiled by Carol Loomis

For Warren Buffett Fans this Book is a Must Possess

Carol Loomis’s “Tap Dancing To Work ~ Warren Buffett on practically everything from 1966 to 2012”

I read it this week end in one sitting till 2 am Sunday Morning !

Warren Buffett ~ Tap Dancing To Work

How Warren Buffett got his first Stock Book at Age 8 and his first Share Purchase at Age 11 ! ~ how he was rejected by Harvard ~ and got accepted at Columbia to study under his ‘Intellectual Father’ Benjamin Graham ~ tried all stock trading methodologies including technical ~ how he returned funds to investors in 1969 and suggested they invest in municipal bonds as he saw no returns from Equities ! ~ how he never invests looking at macros~ how he invested US $ 500 Million in Petro China on just reading the Annual Report ! and got out inside years at superb gains before the fall  but how these gains set off the Loss suffered on another Petrol Share purchase of Conoco at a high cost in 2007 and 2008~ how he met Bill Gates who only came for the day spend gathering of a few at his Mothers because he had promised her !

Have reviewed the book in much more detail on my company website ~ Check it Out

Better Yet  is you read the Book

And those who want Warren Buffett’s latest Investment Insights and our extensive take on his 2012 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letter that was issued earlier this month on March 1,2013 and whether Shareholders have benefited,  you can visit the coverage here 

Cheers !


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