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TAP GAP EQUITY POSER 1/12 ~ Which Equity Route will Generate the Best Returns ~ Mutual Funds or PMS or Direct Equity ?

This write up on PMS by noted Mutual Funds Information & Performance Data Provider,  Dhirendra Kumar, on his website  has prompted me to  revive the TAP GAP  Equity Poser Series ~ you can click on this to check his write up and also my response to it   

Also many Blog Readers had connected with me to revive TAP GAP  Equity Posers ~ Glad you enjoyed the series in 2011 and I am only glad  to continue it before 2012 ends  and sustain it with your response support in 2013 !

TAP GAP….. Equity Poser 1/12……Appreciate Response within two weeks by November 30,2012

Winning Response wins the gauravblog hamper ~ you guys know what’s in it ! 

…And Thanks Dhirendra Kumar for your above write up on PMS  on your web site that prompted this Equity Poser

Equity Poser

From the Following Three Main Routes which do you Think will generate the  Best Equity Returns over the Long Term for You ?

  1. Mutual Funds ~Investing in Equity Schemes of Mutual Funds ~ if so ,which scheme type or nature would you choose ?Index Funds,Balanced Funds,Diversified Funds,Theme Funds or Sector Funds ? ~ also do you think SIP is the best way to invest in Mutual Funds ? 
  2. PMS ~ Availing of a SEBI Registered Portfolio Management Service ~ This Route is open only to High Net Worth Individuals as minimum accepted is Rs 25 lakhs ~ If so,would you opt for the Discretionary or the Non Discretionary Service ?
  3. Direct Equity ~ Invest Directly in Listed Equities through the Primary and Secondary Markets  ~ If so,which Strategy would you adopt for Selection ? Top Down,Bottom Up,Only Large Caps,Only Sensex or Nifty Stocks,Only Mid Caps,Consider even Low Caps etc ~ If you’re conversant with the dynamics of each Investment Philosophy,which would you adopt  Growth,Contrarion or Value Approaches ? Would you go for a well Diversified Portfolio or for Concentration in only a Few Stocks? Also would your decision making be guided by free advice offered by your Broker,Experts and Anchors who offer Advice on Stock Channels and Print and Electronic Media or would you opt for paid advice from a good Equity Advisor by subscribing to their Online Services ~ or would you prefer a paid annual equity advisory service that offers  regular personal interaction with the Expert Advisor on your Portfolio ?  

Feel Free to add your thinking on this even if I’ve not covered that perspective above ~ For example you would go for a combination of any two or all three above as you are unsure which will generate the best returns and you don’t want to miss that route ! ! ~ or you prefer Trading and Speculating over Investment and prefer the Technical Analysis Approach over Fundamental Analysis ! ~ or as a High Net Worth Individual or Entity you would prefer Opportunities in Private Equity with a planned Exit Route to generate the best returns !

Would add depth to your response if you are able to relate from personal experience

Cheers and look forward to receiving your responses !


2 thoughts on “TAP GAP EQUITY POSER 1/12 ~ Which Equity Route will Generate the Best Returns ~ Mutual Funds or PMS or Direct Equity ?”

    1. Thanks Keshav for the compliment! ~ which I take it is not back handed ! ~ but we dont accept Funds or Shares for PMS ~ only serve as advisors with no interest conflicts ~ But do take the trouble to respond to this TAP GAP Equity Poser that in your opinion which basic route in Equity Investments has the potential for best returns ~ Cheers !

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