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TAP GAP Poser 2016 ~Brilliant Start with over 50 Stock Recos already in Six Days !

TAP GAP 2016 ~Brilliant Start with over 50 entries already in Six Days till this evening !

From as low as Rs 0.75 for Rei Agro (FV Rs 1) to Rs 3100 for Force Motors(FV Rs 10)  & across many sectors

Come on Guys ! Increase the Momentum ! Break TAP GAP record of  Entries….remember deadline is January 15,2016

Kindly do not recommend more than 3 companies and please take some trouble to give the current market price….one of you has recommended 5 companies and many have not stated current market price

Looking forward to more entries to make it more exciting and more varied a selection &  the probability of awarding more than one hamper  like  I did for 2014 !

Here’s the Link to the TAP GAP Poser blogpost of December 30,2015

TAP GAP Poser End 2015 ~Which Indian Company Will Be A Big Share Price Winner In 2016?
December 30th, 2015


4 thoughts on “TAP GAP Poser 2016 ~Brilliant Start with over 50 Stock Recos already in Six Days !”

  1. Don’t you think that some checks should be kept for scripts .Foe ex avg volume,price etc,as many penny stocks will be recommended ,but how much will be betting on that ? or how much one can buy or sell should also be considered ? Well i agree it will be more tedious for you 🙂

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