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TAP GAP…Equity Poser 2/11….Guess the Scrip and Win a Gauravblog hamper…To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’ !

You could yet send in any relevant response to this poser but Anand of Chennai answered it correctly within Minutes of Posting and wins the gauravblog hamper….the answer is Borosil Glass Works…this tag has just been added after Anand responded with the right answer….well done Anand…but I can ‘C’ it truly was simply too ‘EZee’ !…Cheers !

TAP GAP Equity Poser 2/11……Guess the Scrip…Who am I ?

I Love ‘B’ so I begin with ‘B’

‘C’  ! ,that’s making it EZee !

Land Sale made me Rich

But I’m moving my Pitch

One ‘B’ to another I go

Same Product Line to Blow

Who Am I ?


6 thoughts on “TAP GAP…Equity Poser 2/11….Guess the Scrip and Win a Gauravblog hamper…To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’ !”

  1. Good Lord !…..Anand…yours was the first response and that too within minutes and that too correctly !…Hip Hip Hurray !…send me your address and contact details on my email and a gauravblog hamper will be on it’s way to you….Well done…too easy I can see !…Cheers !

  2. Apart from the quiz answer, incidentally there is one more land bank story and incidentally that also start with B…. Bayer Crops Science ..the news “Bayer CropScience did not give the total value of the deal to sell its land parcels ad-measuring approximately 100 acres at Kolsher Road, Balkum Village in Thane to Agile Real Estate. “

  3. Yes Manoj it’s Bombay to Bharuch…and I sense the ‘Blow’ gave it away as a Glass Company !…posted TAP GAP Equity Poser 3…now respond to this too…Cheers !

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