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Terrific Trio of Timing,Tata name and Terms attract overwhelming subscription for Tata Capital’s NCD Issue

It’s been a hard time past few months for Corporates in their endeavour to raise Capital…Equity or Debt

Safety has been a paramount concern with lenders with focus on ‘Return of Capital’ and not just ‘Return on Capital’

It was in this vacuum that Tata Capital launched it’s Non Convertible Debenture Issue offering yields of 12 % pa 

The ‘Timing’ was opportune…as investors were searching for safe yet higher yielding Instruments…….The ‘Tata’ name assured safety…and the ‘Terms’ were attractive ,offering several options for the Product with a yield of 12% pa when Interest rates are poised to fall  

The Issue has raised over  Rs 1000 crs and even retail investors have subscribed heavily

Contrary to speculation that Tata Capital will now extend financial aid to Tata Group,it’s MD states that regulations do not permit investing or lending to the Promoter Group

The Capital raised will be used to expand Retail and Corporate Lending Operations 


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