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Thanks Bengaluru~Intense & Interactive Participants at the Workshop

A Lovely Saturday invested in… Thanks Bengaluru~Focused Group of Intense & Interactive Participants at Saturday’s Fundamental Stock Selection -Value vs Price Workshop


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Warm Feedback from all & yes next time will endeavour to make it over two days

Great Spread…of participants from Delhi,Dubai,Kerala & Chennai & Bengaluru….& of  Lunch too ! 🙂

There were so many companies queried…time being the essence,could answer only a few,like is Welspun Ind worth now after being decimated to half as US ‘Target’ pulled out supplies….if you apply some of the valuation & price dynamics covered  as well as on the flash drive given to you,you would get some conviction in your views…will surely guide you on them

Paddy from Chennai ~ you are a very seasoned & knowledgeable  Investor & thanks for the really warm email…you must fly down to Mumbai too when I hold one there…there’s a lot to learn from you too…for your constant interaction the participants voted you the best ….fully deserving of the award…hope you liked it

Chitra from HCL ~ your eagerness & searching questions were a delight ~ & yes you should be able to retire when young if…..& yes you can keep bombarding me with emails 🙂

Murtaza & Kanwar from Dubai ~ will surely implement the positive feedback

Bina & Vishal from Delhi ~ You guys rocked….if you make some money from the approach we covered & what Mistakes not to make do let me know & I’ll send you an email with where to send my Fees !…if you don’t, then understand the email was wrong ! 🙂

Deepak from Kotak Securities,Bengaluru ~ your appreciation & the selfie you took with me is quite valuable…for me

Pratheesh from Kerala ~ Your enthusiasm was contagious & your Guru is surely a wise man for guiding you to think 20 years when committing investments !…Wow! that’s a good long period…but I hope to see you before 2036 !

Vinod the avid Bengaluru Golfer ~ Go have a good Swing on the Greens with what we covered ~ assure you you’ll finally putt a birdie if not an eagle ! ~ never a bogey ! but perhaps a Hole in One ! :-)…& yes the next time I’ll take you up on the offer of having Bengaluru’s best ‘Paan’ after Lunch or Dinner !

Manprit & Tushar ~ you guys were realtively quiet but I’m assuming it’s because you were absorbing it all 🙂

Plan to hold one in Mumbai this October….will announce it soon

Cheers !



3 thoughts on “Thanks Bengaluru~Intense & Interactive Participants at the Workshop”

  1. Sir it was one of my best power packed saturday which i will never forget in my life.
    Superb Stock Discussion ~ Flash Drive with lot of information ~ Sumptuous Food ~ Interactive Participants & most importantly
    which i liked was how to read BSE Notification as soon as they come along with annual reports of companies & make a call immediately before the price goes up.
    I have never seen an ace stock picker of India so simple ~ down to earth like Gaurav Sir.
    Thank u sir for giving a great saturday and a wonderful gift.

  2. Sir
    When your workshop happens at chennai definitely i will participate.I am a regular follower of your blog for atleast 8 years.Sir who is that paddy from chennai.Because i am also from chennai only.Because yourself telling that lot to learn from him.If he allows kindly share his mailid atleast.So that i can keep touch with him.

  3. Sir the gravity of the comment that u made in ur blog on me regarding my enthusiasm was contagious, I understood it today only …Wow! that’s good ~ and when I understood it ~ it really touched my heart …thanks for google for making me understand it !! … and I do strongly believe that, it was your inspiring words ~ simplicity and superb stock ideas which brought enthusiasm in us and made the environment contagious.

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