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The ABC of CORRUPTION….Aggression is the best form of Defence




The ruling Congress Party certainly is heavily weighed down and is adopting the strategy that aggression is the best form of defence…..just heard on a TV News channel,the  party bigwigs,President Sonia Gandhi and FM Pranab Mukherjee lambasting RSS/BJP for the Babri Masjid demolition when attacked for no immediate action being taken against Party Cronies and Allies for mindboggling, blatant and shameless Corruption that’s looting our nation

The 2G Spectrum Telecom scam yet burns all of us….The Controversial DMK Ally yet remains  the Telecom Minister….it’s like ‘Munnabhai’ Sanjay Dutt boasting to the Hospital Dean in the Movie ” Yes I cheated in the Medical Exams to come first…try and find out how…do whatever you can and is in your power….I don’t care….you can’t touch me !”…..and the Andhra Pradesh/Maharashtra/Karnataka Mining Scams spreads across all political parties 

So what have we here….Corruption v/s Communalism…..Congress v/s BJP….Both have weighed down INDIA and our 1.2 billion people for far too long…..I daresay both have shamefully amd immorally become idealogies and political mindsets have been corrupted beyond redemption….common man continues to suffer and remain helpless….how many really have the courage to confront and become genuine social activists 

So often I wish,especially when even our Judiciary is helpless and challenged and confronted and violated and even held in contempt,that we have a ‘Shahenshah’ Amitabh Bachhan who takes the matter into his own hands to cleanse the Corrupt,Immoral and ‘Goondagiri’ System….that would be the best and quickest deterrent so we don’t misuse our Democracy

A Paradox Tragedy…to change the System you have to join it….the tragedy is that once you join it with laudable intentions,you may change,not the system !

Just a last agitated thought….are our State CMs answerable only to the Party President,Mrs Sonia Gandhi and not to the People of the State they head and to all Indians in general ! ?

Nevertheless have a Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year….these issues can be tackled next week !

Cheers ! 


2 thoughts on “The ABC of CORRUPTION….Aggression is the best form of Defence”

  1. shahzad jimmy vasaigara

    Hello Sir,

    I think powerful people in our country have become so shameless that it is really beyond imagination now. Our blitzkreig form of media does everything to expose so many scams day after day, but all those actions have actually just helped give some form of timepass to TV audiences i feel. Till there is no justice done appropriately, nobody in the country will think twice before commiting such national crimes which are looting our economy. All of this helplessness is nothing, but a clear and sad indicator to the future generations that if you want to live here, be prepared to see all this nonsense daily. I raelly really wished some fantasy figure called “Shahenshah” comes to save our country from all these thickskinned rogues who are blatantly making a fun of our democratic system and judiciary.

  2. Where is the public prosecutor’s office? Shouldn’t they be representing the people and prosecuting such criminal activity?

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