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The Aroma of Starbucks Coffee is wafting already ! though India’s first outlet opens tomorrow !

😀 The Aroma of Starbucks Coffee is wafting already ! ~ smelt it as I walked  into my office this morning !

The first outlet opens in my Office Building~ Elphinstone Building at Horniman Circle,Fort,South Mumbai  tomorrow and heavy preparations are on ~ looks like a huge opening blitz ~ trust the Americans for this ~the street is swarming with them with Coats and Blazers despite the October heat~ and a whole lot of heavy swivelling spotlights have been mounted on two special frames bordering St Thomas Cathedral boundary Wall and focussed on our Building ~ Pay & Parking Area has been vacated and cordoned off to make space for a huge makeshift stage and some seating area ~I guess for some performances and speeches at the launch  ~ A huge White drape hangs vertically on the building where I’m assuming they’re planning to beam Starbucks ads etc ~ The Building corridor on the Street has been cordoned off too and the Starbucks Outlet has been concealed by black drapes in the Corridor so nobody gets a peek in before it actually is thrown open ! ~ yet the Coffee has already began to brew and the strong and intoxicating, and I must say can easily induce addiction,aroma is already wafting the Street outside !

So become a Web Client and I’ll buy you a Starbucks Coffee ! ~ become a personal client and I buy you more than one ! as we would interact often ~Come on ! others are offering worse to seduce you ! ~ 🙄 like 50% off on their Advisory Fees or even guaranteed returns !

Of course ! you can buy your own Starbucks Coffee ! ~ but look at it this way ! ~ with me,in due course, you should be able to do so comfortably and as often as you would like without holding back and without even a twinge of guilt ! ~ maybe you’d buy me one too !

It’s of course quite another thought whether one should indulge in Starbucks Coffee at all ! ~  it’s an addictive Consumer Discretionary Spending ! Starbucks costs Star Bucks ! ~ an average of over US $ 2 without the frills and toppings ~ let’s see what their opening pricing is in India

….and Tata Global Beverages is holding strong at Rs 163 just now ! ~ that’s probably a bit more than the Opening Price of a Starbucks Coffee in India !

Cheers 🙂  !


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