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The FM was bugged that he was ‘bugged’ !…so what has this got to do with the draft Lokpal Bill that has got all of India bugged !

The FM,Pranab Mukherjee, was bugged that he was ‘bugged’ !…so what has this got to do with the draft Lokpal Bill that has got all of India bugged !

….and the ‘was only some chewing gum’ explanation will not stick as will as the chewing gum did !

Now think about this……

The sentence for this ‘bugging’crime is upto five years in jail if someone is made an accused and put on trial and is convicted….FM probably knows who is behind this and is now playing down the issue as probably those behind this ‘bugging’ are powerful people in powerful offices within his own government…..indicates the distrust even within….now think of this….the watered down and harmless Lokpal Bill drafted by the Politicians will not be applicable to such powerful people for their crimes and indiscretions….think about this again ! 

The Politicians are citizens of India but they ceased being Civilians decades ago !…and that is the crux…you cannot expect them to put clauses in the Lokpal Bill that would indict them ! 

 …and now all of India is bugged about this !

With easy availability of low cost and ingenious bugging devices,it has become tempting to buy one and put it to wicked use !….now don’t go moral on me that you wouldn’t,if presented with an opportunity  !

So who would you  bug ?

Politician?….Our Prime Minister,Manmohan Singh ?…Nah ! …does not utter a word ! accused all the time of keeping his silence on major issues….so would be a waste,unless the philosopher in you loves hearing the ‘silence’  

Industrialist ?….Anil Ambani ?…don’t need too…his conversations with Politician Amar Singh have been allowed to be released by the Supreme Court recently and are all over youtube…who taped them !?

Bollywood Actress ?….Bipasha Basu?….ditto Anil Ambani reasoning as above !…”Hi Sweetie !”…Bipasha cries it was not her addressing Amar Singh like this !

Media Celebrity ?….Arnab Goswami,the ‘Times Now’ Chief Anchor and Managing Editor ?…my wife finds him cute…but methinks he’s too blunt and holds no secrets…what’s in his mind is on ‘Times Now ‘ the same day ! what’s to gain by ‘bugging’ him !

My wife thinks I should think Global…”India is now Global and you yet remain Local !”….she thinks I should go across the border and bug the ISI Chief or even across the oceans and continents to Obama at the White House !…am wondering if this would be termed as being actively patriotic or viewed as undermining the Intelligence capabilities of our Intelligence Agencies….  

This ‘bug’ has got to me…who shall I ‘bug’ ! ?….I think I shall make this a TAP GAP Contest….woould be exciting receiving your responses as to who would you’ll ‘bug’ and why !….what fun you would have doing ‘Insider Trading’ !

Cheers !


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