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The Haagen-Daz Ice Cream Experience ~ Simply Incredible ~ Worth Dying for !

🙂 Courtesy a Good old Friend for over 40 years now, who’s with the US MNC General Mills (Pillsbury Flour and Haagen Daz Ice Cream and other top Brands ),I was rewarded with some Haagen -Daz Gift Vouchers for a favour that I would have done anyway for a Friend

Been told by many ,who’ve tasted it overseas,of how Heavenly Haagen-Daz Ice Cream is…got to taste it yesterday at the newly opened Parlour ,bang opposite the PVR Multiplex in High Street Phoenix at Lower Parel in Central Mumbai

Simply overwhelmed by it…..Awesome Treat !…Heaven ! ~ Nothing comes even Close ~ and believe me I’ve tried them all in India ~ from the Brands to the home made hand spun to the in house classics at the leading Clubs

What sets Haagen-Daz Ice Cream apart is the source and quality of Ingredients and the making process itself ~ the right amount of Air,100% Pure rich Dairy,Nuts from Hawai,Vanilla from Madagascar and Chocolate from Belgium…the Ice Cream simply and rightly takes a long time to Melt,thus making it really a pleasurable experience ~ the density,the texture,the richness,the thickness,the blend, the taste ~ all divine !

….they’ve got 21 Flavours and three Sorbets…a single scoop is priced at Rs 180 and a double at Rs 290 and a Triple at…never mind !…these are excluding taxes !….Their Top Flavour is Belgian Chocolate….we tried out four flavours…Cookie and Cream was outstanding…the scoops can be served in a variety of ways ~ in crepes,in a waffle cone,with picola sticks,on a waffle….costing for this is separate and begins at Rs 35 ~ also with a variety of toppings that too begin at Rs 35 for each topping…so a single scoop would be an Investment of @ Rs 250 to Rs 300…The Parlour serves a variety of Cold and Hot beverages too…but my advice is to concentrate with single minded devotion and focus only on the Ice Cream and the Dessert Variations

The Parlour is staffed well and we were pleasantly surprised as to their obviously being well trained as they were courteous,prompt and best of all inspiringly knowledgable of the vast menu,explaining it patiently as we were being spoilt for choice..the current Menu Brochure itself looks superb,but the one they are launching tomorrow is a Classic ~ I thought it was a Coffee Table Book !

The New Haagen-Daz Menu ~ More like a Coffee Table Book !

Ask for it…..don’t just order from the Wall…’ll be stunned…I may be the first to give you’ll a peak of how it looks above !…..It’s a Chocolate and Gold Combination Hardcover ~ Beautifully Textured and Designed ~Rich & Vibrant Colour Sinful Illustrations….each Hardcover  must be costing Thousands of rupees !…it’s a disdain to call it a Menu !….Imagine spending ,rather Investing so much in just the ‘Menu Card’ !

……In Basic Three Steps it outlines how to Order and how to have the Ice Cream Scoops~ However I wanted to go even beyond  to try out each and every Sinful Dessert Preparation Illustrated in that ‘Menu’!….however had limited gift vouchers !….we were four of us ~ we had two single scoops,one double scoop and a strong latte coffee ~ had to use two of the four vouchers ! ~ don’t ask me how much !  ~ but it was worth it ! ~ and don’t retort it was just because it was a freebie !…you’d be insulting both the Ice Cream and me !

But Next Time we’re surely going to try out the Rs 1300 + taxes Chocolate Fondue served with 16 min scoops of Ice cream ~ Four Scoops Each of Four Flavours of your Choice + Fruits and other toppings….I was licking the Illustration  ! …If you saw it,you would too !~ the suave manager, Shameen ,tells me it will serve four easily ~ we plan to show him how it will serve Eight !

The Parlour was packed on a Friday Night…with waiting even at 11 pm !….we were fortunate to get the best seats in the house really…where is the penny pinching in Mumbai !?…though I must confess it felt good to see other paying and not me !

We were soon joined at the next table by a bevy of seven to eight hep young girls ~ all in minis or hot pants for my wife to comment what do Girls wear these days !…”Or Don’t !” I had to chip in !! ~ told her she was just making a fuss and being a trifle old fashioned ~ she does not think it enhanced the Ice Cream Experience in anyway ! ~ they did show us how to share without feeling awkward or embarrassed that we may be acting “Cheapo”~ order one lovely dessert and eight spoons and share it ~per head will be then an affordable between Rs 50 to Rs 100 bucks each ! ~ albeit for three to four bites each ! ~ going ‘Dutch’ on ‘Haagen-Daz’ !

Hey Buddy ! When’s the next Time I can Favour you again !…Be Generous and I’ll be Grateful and Promise to Treat you at your Own Ice Cream Parlour with your Own Gifted Vouchers !…Never Mind !…The Ice Cream’s worth Dying For and even Paying For at Prices that too are Dying for !…I yet hold two more Gift Vouchers which my Wife wants us to Gift to our Son !…I’ve held back thus far with the excuse that they would involve Gift Tax !…what one has to sacrifice to keep a Marriage alive ! ~ Haagen-Daz Gift Vouchers !

Cheers !


2 thoughts on “The Haagen-Daz Ice Cream Experience ~ Simply Incredible ~ Worth Dying for !”

  1. It was a regular item in our weekly shopping list in US in 2000. A ~5$ pack was enough for we 4 roommates. But the prices I have seen in SPAR and Spencer scare me away by 20 fts.

  2. Gaurav Parikh

    Yes,Bhupesh…but you have to believe the rush at the Mumbai parlour even at these prices…The India Shining Story is alive…atleast for those who visit the Haagen-Daz Parlour !…if you got to have it then share it or space it out from once a month to a biannual treat !…Cheers !

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