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There’s More Value to Hear Warren Buffett in Person than anybody else

Honestly tell me !…have you truly benefited from attending those “few hour” speeches or seminars or workshops on any subject or topic…no matter who is giving them or organising them!…often paying through your nose for them,especially where overseas experts are involved  !

I was wondering if I was in a minority here when I confess I yet have to find true Value in these….I’ve been to many in the past few years…Jim Rogers and Ohmae among others….One needs to work with them or be associated with them for longer periods to really absorb value

Have you wondered the frequency at which we quote the legendary Value Investor, Warren Buffett these days as he is more alive and surviving than any of us in this financial and investment chaos 

Warren Buffett is one legend I would love to hear….Why has he not yet come into India to share in person some of his fundas ?…..He does not think Long term…he thinks Lifelong and Beyond!…Most of us can’t think beyond Instant Gratification when we really need to create a mindset for delayed gratification

Warren Buffett does not

  • make a living by being a speaker or running workshops and seminars
  • write Books
  • advise and manage on individual portfolios

Maybe this is the Secret of his Phenomenal Success…Quietly applying Theory to Practice…and not preaching just Theory from one audience to another ! Think about it !

Buffett runs Berkshire Hathaway which closed at US $ 113150 yesterday in USA giving a market cap of US $ 175 billion and a P/E of 15+ on a trailing EPS of US $ 7300+…BH holds stakes in companies across many sectors. 



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