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Thumbs Up to Mahesh Jethmalani for taking a stand against other senior counsel

Senior Counsel, Mahesh Jethmalani deserves to be complimented.

Says he, “There’s a crisis of Character in our Country”

He has taken a stand against senior counsels, R K Anand and Prosecuter I U Khan who were held guilty by the Delhi High Court for obstructing administration of justice while trying to influence an eye witness in the high profile BMW Hit and Run Case. Both were exposed to all of India in a sting operation by a TV Channel and had very little defense.

Both Anand and Khan escaped with relatively light punishment of being suspended for just four months from appearing before the High Court as Counsel and a recommendation that the Bar Council strip them of their Senior Advocate Designations

Jethmalani has called for more stringent action against the two and urged the Bar Council to expel the two for what amounts to malpractice 

You can check it out in today’s edition of DNA at 

Both our daughters are in the same house and class in School and I recall during the last Olympics in Athens when their class had hosted an Olympics Quiz where Parents were asked to participate too, Mahesh Jethmalani very graciously pushed me forward to accept the Winners Cup as I had answered most of the questions put forth to us.


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