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To all Indians everywhere…HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY…Great Parade going on in New Delhi


It’s 10.30 am and am enthusiastically viewing an Awe Inspiring and Always Uplifting Republic day Parade going on since morning in New Delhi….really Lovely….Regiments and Brigades of Gorkhas,Sikhs,J & K,Indo Tibetian Forces,Bands on Camels…..Men & Women…all marching brilliantly…..and our Defence Might…. see it Live on DD National …will upload a few mobile snaps soon…Cheers

Added Past Noon

Just added 34 Republic Day photo selections from over 80 clicked from my mobile…..

…..this was the 62nd Republic Day Parade held on Rajpath in our Capital New Delhi…the Chief Guest was the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the Salute taken by our President Smt Pratibha Patil 

….the Parade was awesome and always invokes great pride and patriotic fervour as India displays its military might and the vast colourful and cultural diversity….the FlyPast at the End is always eagerly awaited and the three Sukhoi 30 that approached the Saluting base in a  Trishul Formation that then disappered in a blink and wink in vertical flight was stunning

Some Parade Highlights….

State and Ministry Tableaux….


Maharashtra….Lavni Dance

Karnataka….Bidi kari work

Kerala….Kathakali and Mohini Attam

Delhi…Bahai Temple

Jammu & Kashmir…Dance & Music to depict Good triumphing over Evil

Ministry of Science & Technology ….displayed the Theme of “From Generic to Genomic”

Ministry of Environment….Showed the Symbiotic relationship between Bio Diversity,Environment and Human Sustenance….we must respect this bio diversity when using Natural Resources

Ministry of Human Resource Development….Right to Education for Every Child…”Padhte Chalo,Badhte Chalo”

Ministry of Railways….celebrating Rabindranath Tagore’s 150 years

Save the Tiger….

Dances from the North East,Prabha Sambalpuri from Orissa,Rangeelo Rajasthan,colourful Bhangra from Punjab performed by the North Zone cultural Centre of Patiala… danced to celberate ploughing,sowing and reaping of crops ,Medley of India’s Classical Dance Forms ‘Sanskriti’ perfomed by the NDMC School Children of New Delhi showcasing Odissi,Bharat Natyam,Manipuri,Kuchipudi,Kathak and Mohini Attam 

Motorcycle Human Pyramid..35 on 9 Bikes…a Guiness Book of Records

The Highlight that ends the Parade…The Fly Past…began with ME 25 Attack Helicopters,followed by the Transport Planes an IL 78 flanked by AN 32s and Dorniers…then the attack planes…Five deep penetration fighter Jaguars in an Aerohead Formation…then the Mig 29s…and then the stunning three Sukhoi 30s that approached the  saluting base in a Trishul Formation and then climbed vertically and disappeared in a blink and a wink among thunderous applause from the thousands who were witnessing the Parade Live on Rajpath

The accompanying commentators,alternating between English and Hindi did a great job…providing details….and more importantly staying silent when necessary …allowing viewers to truly absorb and regale the Parade  

Those who missed this Inspiring Parade can see the repeat telecast at 4 pm this evening on DD National….keep aside a few hours for this to see it in its entirety





4 thoughts on “To all Indians everywhere…HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY…Great Parade going on in New Delhi”

  1. happy Republic day sir. I follow your blog regularly. I live in Indonesia. Just today i came to know that my Niece in Mumbai who appeared for her CA Final exams in Nov 2010 has not cleared both her groups. She had cleared her Intermediate in first attempt with 62% marks. She was expecting a rank in the final exams and this is her result. In IT they hv given her 8 marks ,In Accountancy 35 and in Direct Taxes 28. She is confident that she has written all the papers very well.She had prepared for her exams also very well. Her friend who is a very good student has also flunked both the groups. Sir this is shocking. If hard work gets us upside results like this students will lose interest in the examination process.Sir is their a possibilty of error while data has been uploaded? She has given her papers for revaluation. But i wonder if an prestigious institute like this can make a mess of students hard work what more is to happen. Sir can you suggest what is to be done?

    Thanks Sir
    Anjana Ramasubramanian

  2. People like me make things complicated. In the morning, I was curious to know how you plan to upload pics when mobile phones are not allowed a the parade. Seems the answer was simple. Take pics of the TV 🙂

  3. Hey Rohith..would have loved to have been in New Delhi to attend the Parade in person…but was in Mumbai…and the clicks of the TV come out quite good and serve the purpose of sharing some simple happiness…Cheers !

    …and Anjana,I am aware of the really tough CA results…I am with you in this frustration…but it’s been always like this…controlled and regulated output of successful candidates….so don’t take it personally….deserves a seperate blog though as there is a bigger picture involved..will do one in a day or two….Cheers !

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