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Today is Wife Day !

My Wife is back… after a week with her parents !… I picked her up this morning and when she got off while I parked, had to remind her we stay on the fourth floor !

And as if in great welcome, our House Clocks in the Living Room and Bathroom stopped working !..I told her they were actually protesting….. My Wife is simply  a stickler for punctuality, while I tend to puncture it at times !… she lives by the Clock !… 8 am must mean 8 am and not 8.05 am !

And strict instructions have now gone out to our Maid !…. Lunch packed for Office must be only ‘Kurmura” (Gujjus call it ‘Mamra’) … we use it in ‘Bhelpuri’… Rice puffs for all you English buffs… Australian Fast Bowler, Glenn Mcgrath and I now have something in common…our nicknames ‘Pigeon’… he for his thin legs and I for what I eat for Lunch !… It’s for your own Good, says she with unarguable finality… wholesome and healthy !

I could not help but remember Gabriel Betteredge, Lady Julia Verdiner’s house steward in Wilkie Collins 1868 classic ‘The Moonstone’… When deciding to marry his housekeeper, Gabriel seeks his mistress’s opinion justifying that “It will be cheaper to marry her than to keep her !”… to which Lady Verdiner had laughed and replied that she did not know whether to be shocked at his language or his principles !

Dear Gabriel, Marriage is more expensive !

And No, Darling ! I never thought of you as a Housekeeper at all ! How dare I !

And today is your Day… as is every day !

And I was only joking when I cribbed that Zoey, our new dog, has replaced me in your affections !

What’s that you said !? ‘Kurmura’ for Dinner too !…. Please !


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