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Too Good a Wet Weekend to stay Indoors !


It’s too good a wet weekend to stay Indoors !

Of course I share the concern of those who have to overcome traffic jams and flooding and leaking roofs and ceilings and ‘catching the cold and flu’ and  those stuck on roads,stations and airports ~ all  due to this inclement weather

But Now you’re Home and Indoors this Weekend  and  can catch your breath and sense the Romance of the Rains ! ~ This should Inspire you to Simply Ad-venture out !

Alright so Petrol has moved up by Rs 2 a litre at midnight on the sharp Rupee Decline last week   ~ so go out and at least take a walk in the neighbourhood !

Remember Weightloss & Petrol Prices are inversely co related

And Today is also Fathers Day !  and as a Friend reminded on fb that :

“The greatest thing a FATHER can do to his children, is to love their mother. – Anjaneth Garcia Untalan”

I do !

But when I warned her that if she does not come out this instant with me to Romance (in) the Rains there are other Mothers ! she replied without batting an eyelid ” So,Go Father a Child !”

Cheers !


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