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Trust Vote Today : Singh is Kinng ! Singh is Kinng ! Singh is Kinng! ?

There is a trust vote in the Lok Sabha today as the ruling UPA Government will attempt to prove it’s majority with new support from the Samajwadi Party and after the withdrawal of support from the Left

And there is a reason why I’ve sang in chorus thrice the current hot favorite song “Singh is Kinng !” in the blog’s title….and yes “Kinng” is spelt with two “n”s and the movie of the same name has yet to be released….because there are three leading “Singhs” in the UPA Alliance now….Manmohan Singh,Mulayam Singh and Amar Singh…The “?” is because the vote is scheduled for this evening and we’ll know the fate of the trust vote only after the actual Vote on it concludes.

Looks like UPA will sail through by a slender margin…less said the better about the cross voting and abstentions expected,ministerships promised,the horsetrading going on,accusations of crores changing hands to buy MPs and whimsical alliances where foes becoming friends to fight other foes who were friends earlier ! ….while I write this blog ,the speaker of the Lok Sabha,Somnath Chatterjee, has just commented live in Parliament Session “I think the Parliament has reached it’s Lowest !”…this is when Rahul Gandhi is speaking on the Debate and opposition members are cursing loudly….speaker has directed that nothing should be recorded

However even if the UPA sails through the victory will be pyrrhic…won at too high a cost to be worthwhile

Stock Markets have been buoyant for three days in a row now and as I write this the Sensex is up  304 point today at 14154 at 12.43 pm…it’s gained smartly nearly 1500 points inside three days as it is expected that the UPA will speed up financial banking ,pension and insurance reforms after winning the trust vote today with the support of their new allies,the Samajwadi Party….the reforms were opposed strongly by the Left.

Methinks whatever the outcome of this Trust Vote,there will be General Elections later this Year….earlier than normally scheduled in mid 2009 which would have been at the end of the full five years of government


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