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Turtle at 19000 + Sensex!


So should you stick your turtle neck out at Sensex 19000 + !?……If you do,then do it like the turtle….cautiously and slowly and look around before you cross the road,lest you get runover or topple over !

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4 thoughts on “Turtle at 19000 + Sensex!”

  1. Hmmm Newspapers with screaming headlines of Markets hitting fresh highs, FII’s pumping in money like there is no tomorrow. Lots of IPO’s (even loss making ones!) , retail getting sucked in by euphoria….. 2007 all over again? Reminds me of a famous quote:
    “What we learn from History is that we don’t learn from History”- George Santayana

    US has record deficits/debt,near record poverty/unemloyment, large swathes of Europe is insolvent & is propped up by ECB/IMF, Euro is in danger of collapse,Japanese Yen is at 15 year highs……..
    I’m lightening my equity exposure & increasing my exposure to Gold via ETF. If Gold prices drop further will tank up even more on Gold.
    Thank the lord that central bankers can’t print GOLD!!

  2. hi sir,i have been reading your blog since last few days and really appreciate your research.can you tell me something about shree ashtavinayak cine vision ltd.what should be a fair value for a company like this? it just came into focus because dabang movie got great response

  3. If you look at the Sensex from a global perspective, I wouldn’t say this is 2007 all over again. Since Jan 2007, the DJIA is still down 15% while the Sensex is up 40%. There is still little trust in the American recovery but emerging markets such as India have been perceived to escape relatively unscathed from the GFC. Also, FDI in to India has consistently been on the rise since 2003. It slowed down temporarily between 2006 and 2007 before resuming its high growth rate from 2007 onwards, possibly showing that the crisis actually caused a resumption of the rate of increase in inflows.

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