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Two Quotes caught my eye…one by Shankar Sharma in his print interview to Economic Times and the Other by Shah Rukh Khan on a TV Show…Disagree with Both

Two Quotes caught my eye in the past two days… Disagree with Both

One by Shankar Sharma in his print interview to Economic Times and the Other by Shah Rukh Khan on  a  TV Show

Never Met the Guy but have always been amused by Shankar Sharma’s views on Capital Markets… he loves playing to the gallery … has promoted First Global

Check out what he states in his recent Interview in the Economic Times

Markets are not there for Morality”

“..this drive against corruption… will reduce GDP Growth, and erode corporate profitability”

“if lynch mobs are going to run the country, we are heading for a very dark period”

Good Lord !… What’s this Guy saying… In a nutshell what he implies is that don’t cleanse a rotten system, biased against retail investors, else it will cleanse off profits…. Corruption, Manipulation and Insider Trading are required for Profitability !

Or am I being too Moralistic or Hypocritical, as Shankar Sharma provokes us not to be !

I just can’t agree with him here… and to steal Ronit Roy’s Signature Line in ‘Adalat’, a popular TV Serial “Am I Right,or am I right !” … he plays the central lawyer character of K D Pathak who has till date never lost a case and solved many crimes while defending the accused

And Shah Rukh Khan !

…he’s been all over the TV last night promoting Ra-One and giving out Ra-One Dolls… live on Zee and in Surat at the Finale of the Little Champs Singing Star… Ten Year old singing sensation,Azmat won this… then on the Star Plus Recorded Finale of Hritik Roshan’s ‘Just Dance’… Mumbai’s Ankan Sen won this one… and then on Colors Finale of ‘India’s got Talent, Season 3’… won by Suresh & Vernon Group

“If you have this sort of Talent,you don’t need to be Humble !”

This is what the Badshah of Bollywood asserted to Guest Star Shweta Salve who was dancing the Salsa in the Finale of ‘India’s got Talent, Season 3’… Incidentally the Runners up here were a Dance Group ‘Bad Salsa’ from Kolkata… Donna and Akash were the children who performed the Salsa like born to it !… out of this world…. they lost out narrowly and there was a stunned silence and a few heartbreaks all around… they were strong favourites for the title… I simply loved them !… wished they had won

Come on Shah Rukh !… we are taught, and rightly so, to remain or be Humble, irrespective of the Talent or Achievements or Wealth or Status or Power or Position we may attain !…. not get arrogant or carried away by it!

One more thing…. your advice to the young children and runners up ‘Bad Salsa’ to step back and reflect why they lost and then come back and beat the shit out of everyone else the next time reflects a Killer Attitude and ‘Must Win’ Obsession… What about Sporting Spirit ! and that Winning is Not Everything !

Though I will disagree, having even considered the context in which you asserted these, with your sentiments and advice expressed as above, I must confess you are a born entertainer… have an aura and a magnetic personality…. loved watching your matching some of the awesome dance steps and even displaying some of your own… and at 40+!…”Fit Hai Boss !”… have stolen Akshay Kumar’s ad line for you !

I’ve decided… with the Markets unable to make up their mind, it gives me time to get Fit and Learn the Salsa !… and I’ve been told I need to get Fit first… and not Dance the Salsa to get Fit!

Cheers !


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