Union Budget 2013 ~ India is a BLESSsed Economy…Addressed an audience of 400 on Budget Day

Union Budget 2013 ~ India is a BLESSsed Economy…

Enjoyed on the Budget Day Evening itself Feb 28,2013 addressing and interacting with a well informed audience of 400 on the Union Budget 2013 ~ on how the Government plans to make Money to tackle deficits and how we can ! ~ plan to host a few thoughts of my presentation on the company website www.jsalphaa.com and on this blog ~ covered how FM has cleverly and conveniently balanced the budget ~ also covered  the Forward Trends in Equities &  Indices & Gold & Exchange Rate & how Debts & Deficits are forcing Disinvestments & how the malaise continues on our exchanges and it will be some time before the retail investor comes back,if at all ~ spoke on Liquidity,Sentiment,Momentum and Valuation

🙂 Felt more like a Stand Up Comedian as the audience were in splits on some of the budget and stock market situations I presented…

Union Budget 2013 Review Event
 Cheers !

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