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Unjustified High 52 Week Prices ?~ Relaxo xb at Rs 550 & Eveready at Rs 360

After a brilliant run up  and now at 52 week highs, both Relaxo Footwears at xb Rs 550 (FV Rs 1) levels & Eveready at Rs 360(FV Rs 2 )levels appear to be at unjustified high relative valuation at PE of over 60 and 50 respectively

Have been just asked for advice

Managed  Run Up !?

I would be wary as I’m not aware of any non linear growth coming up nor of a healthy CAGR on the bottomline in the next three years to justify paying such heavy premium

I don’t have any interest in either of them but happy for those who rode them brilliantly in the year…perhaps they should ask the Insiders rather than me on these!

“Gimme Red”  🙂


2 thoughts on “Unjustified High 52 Week Prices ?~ Relaxo xb at Rs 550 & Eveready at Rs 360”

  1. Yeah Sameer…it has had a marvellous multibagger run over the recent years…valuations are expensive now and not sure such momentum will sustain ex bonus in the short term unless made to

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