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US President Barrack Obama gets the 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace…Really Now !

Obama was sworn in on January 20,2009 as the US President…the nominations for the 2009 Nobel Prize deadline was February 11,2009….so someone submitted his name while he was in the Peace womb yet…nine months later he was born straight to the Nobel Prize for Peace !…Really Now !

It’s like awarding the Oscar prematurely for the Leading Role to a New Born,in the expectation and hope that the Baby will grow and perform brilliantly on the Global Stage

The Swedish Nobel Committee has applauded Obama’s Peace endeavours and his initiatives for dealing with Climate Change and Nuclear Disarmament…but all these initiatives were into his Presidency and after Feb 11,2009 !

Perhaps more appropriate would have been maybe to consider Obama for the Nobel Prize for Economics,for his TARP and Stimulus Package to revive the American Economy and the country’s Financial Powerhouses that nearly bombed themselves into oblivion !…I said, Maybe !

Just think about this….you threaten Iran,delay removing Troops out of Iraq,send more troops to Afghanistan and defer closing Guantanomo Bay….you profess Nuclear Non Proliferation and Disarmament after you stock the World’s largest Nuclear Arsenal….your country refused to sign the  United Nation’s Kyoto Protocol that penalised nations for polluting the Planet with six Carbon gases,as you are the Biggest Polluter on Earth……and you talk of Climate Change !……and then the President of the self proclaimed Policeman and Watchdog of the World is awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace !

It’s like an Auction Bid…..Next up is the Nobel Prize for Peace….very much coveted…even Mahatma Gandhi never got one !…let’s start the bidding at….. Going One…Going Two…Sold to the President of USA !

Nothing Personal against Obama…he’s the guy with the toughest job on this Planet….he needs to clean up a financial mess in USA,while safeguarding his country’s economic and political interests….and the support for him is not for granted…both within and outside USA 

Hoping I can say ,two to three years down the line,at the end of his first Presidency that Obama did really Nobly deserve this Nobel Peace Prize

Wonder why am I then tagging this Blog also in the ‘Insider Trading’ Category !

Oh ! Yes !…my wife tells me she is filing my nomination for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize…it’s easy to win….for my Efforts in maintaning the Peace in the House with two kids,one who’s just into her Teens and the other who’s just out of his ! 

Cheers !


1 thought on “US President Barrack Obama gets the 2009 Nobel Prize for Peace…Really Now !”

  1. Claasic Post 🙂

    Mahatma Gandhi – thrice being nominated for Nobel peace prize !!!

    Perhaps what he did was not what peace committe thinks is peacefull enough for prize.

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