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Watch out for RNRL…From Rs 74 to Rs 101 in a week !

RNRL surged over 11% today from a close of below Rs 90 yesterday to close at above Rs 100 today……It was Rs 74 a week ago just before the Trust Vote on the Nuclear Deal in Parliament

BSE Volumes today were 3.88 crore shares (Rs 375 crores) which interestingly is more than One crore shares from the last two week’s daily average,before today, of 2.73 crore shares

Big Play seems to be again on….something strong brewing…something strong coming…could it be related to the Ongoing Day to Day Hearing in the High Court of the RIL v/s RNRL Case where RIL has violated a 2005 agreement to supply gas to RNRL at a price of US $ 2.34/mmbtu ?

Interestingly RNRL historic 52 week High and Low on BSE shows that a year ago on August 1,2007 it was at a low of Rs 41….it peaked a closing on January 9,2008 at Rs 250 before sliding back to Rs 60 levels from where it has again risen  


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