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We are all Experts on everything !…Currently We are all in that “hmmmm…” Euro Expert Phase blaming our Sensex Mischief on Greece…humming by default the ‘Mera Naam Joker’ Classic “Aye Bhai,Jara Dekh kay chalo !”

It is quite amusing really…we are experts on just about everything on this planet !…and blame just about everything for the mischievious way our Sensex behaves

…..awhile ago we were all experts on the US Economic and Financial Crisis and what Obama should or should not be doing….then we turned inwards yet again and cursed our Government for Corruption & Inflation ….we are now in that “hmmmm…” Euro Expert Phase and are all awaiting when Greece will default and worse,exit the Eurozone

….meanwhile our Sensex continues to mock us,reversing trends daily while remaining rangebound within 16000 and 17000

Can’t help humming that classic from ‘Mera Naam Joker’…”Aye Bhai,Jara Dekh kay chalo…Aaage bhi nahin,peeche bhi…daye bhi nahin,baye bhi…uppar bhi nahin,neeche bhi…Aye Bhai !


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