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We are Missing the Wood for the Trees ! ~WalMart say it spend US $ 25 Million lobbying for Overseas Investments including FDI Retail in India ~ is the figure much more !?

We are Missing the Wood for the Trees !

WalMart spends US $ 25 Million lobbying for Overseas Investments including FDI Retail in India

India now debates whether this was how WalMart bribed it’s way into India for multi brand FDI Retail  !

I say we are missing the Woods for the Trees ! ~ They must have spend much more  and since 2010 ! ~ I go a step further in suspecting that they were allowed to ! by routing in the US $ 100 million in 2010 the way it was ! Read below

Just a few days ago I posted a blog on how WalMart has already routed US $ 100 million into India through an investment in a Bharti Group Consultancy and how that money was lend to the Retail Arm of Bharti Group !

In 2010 WalMart invested US $ 100 m in a Bharti Group Retail Holding Company ~ jumping the gun for that First Mover Advantage when FDI in Multi Brand Retail is allowed ?

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

It’s quite probable that some of this 2010 Investment too must have expended for ‘lobbying’ in India ~ and so the Lobbying expenditure is clearly much more than US $ 25 Million ~ For a Country that is yet unravelling thousands of Crores in Corruption scams in Deals where the Government is involved,do you really think we would have been satisfied with just US $ 25 Million to open out 1.2 Billion People and our Country to Billions of  US $s of Investments and Sales and Profits in the coming years !

Our Congress led UPA Government must decide on whose side are they when they defend WalMart  and FDI in Multi Brand Retail like this even when WalMart has conceded they have monetarily ‘lobbied’ ! ~ Are they on India’s side !? ~ when one hears them defending aggressively and voiceferously like this it easily gives rise to thoughts where one suspects who the Indian beneficiaries of the WalMart largesse have been or will be !     

Of course it’s quite another raging debate whether opening out India for FDI in Multi Brand Retail will actually benefit our Country !

Amusingly and Angrily and Frustratingly the hypocricy,the farce and the double standards showed up in the recent Parliament Vote on the matter when  despite attacking FDI in Multi Brand Retail, BSP voted for it with their leader making it a communal issue saying she would not let the opposition BJP win at any cost !and SP conveniently took a walk  and did not vote ! ~ this pre planned drama resulted in Congress led UPA winning the vote in both houses

And even more Amusingly even those who voted for UPA are demanding an investigation into the WalMart Lobbying !

As I said in earlier blogs we are an Extraordinary Country being run by Ordinary People

No wonder Ratan Tata,the Tata Group Chairman who retires later this month to pave the way for a young Cyrus Mistry has apparently voiced yet again his frustration a few days ago terming India  as a nation having a ‘venal business environment ‘!~ he has just denied he ever used such phrases in the interview with Financial Times but clearly the truth has been told

Jog your Memory to several years ago when Enron declared they had spend Rs 54 crs in ‘Educational Expenses’ in India to set up their Power Plant in Maharashtra ! ~ and a belligerent Rebecca Mark had come down to defend this !

As one aggrieved Indian I know cried out ” I’m an ashamed Indian looking for a place to hide in my own country !”


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