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We can Do without DOW if we have to Cow or Bow !…. Hope Our Indian Government is not a Front for it’s Top Private Corporates like clearly the US Government is !…Dow Chemicals getting the US Govt to arm twist India !

Moralities and Ethics….Just Words……Sad

Another Instance breaking out on Times Now….. this time it concerns how the Deputy NSA of USA, Michael B Froman, openly and quite bluntly telling Montek Singh Ahluwalia of our Planning Commission, in an email reply, to monitor and control Dow Chemicals Growing Noise in India regarding the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984… this was in response to a request email by Ahluwalia to Froman to help at the World Bank Meeting to get IBRD to extend Borrowing limits for India 

What a Quid Pro Quo !…. Linking Commercial Interests to a Human Tragedy !

While this tactic is nothing new from USA, it was shocking to hear Ahluwalia on TV refusing to even acknowledge this demand by Froman in his email reply !… he was being hounded by a Times Now Reporter and moved away saying “Where’s the Tea ‘Yaar’ !?” to get away from the Times TV Reporter…. and he shockingly states he cannot remember whether he spoke to Froman or wrote to him !….. today is August 18, 2010…. and this email ‘to and fro’ took place less than three weeks ago on July 30, 2010 !…. he counters” Do you know how many emails I receive !?”…. Sad !

This is another Instance of how the current US Government is a front for top US Corporates, as aptly observed by Sunita Narain, Director, Centre for Science & Environment and a leading voice and activist for getting adequate compensation for the Bhopal Tragedy affected… she is shocked at USA’s Impunity in asking for such a quid pro quo 

Union Carbide was responsible for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy… It was taken over by Dow Chemicals…. Lakhs of people were affected, and 26 years hence many yet are, by the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and have received poor compensation…. Dow Chemicals actually took over Union Carbide’s US Liabilities but says it’s not responsible for any additional Indian Compensation Liability that is being sought… Dow Chemicals has business Interests in India through Technology Transfers and Licensing to Indian Companies for Speciality Chemicals

The US Government is clearly trying to arm twist India…. be it in it’s Pakistan Policy,it’s passing a Bill raising Visa Fees for certain Types of Visas used by Indian IT Companies to depute staff to US Clients… irony is that US Giant IBM is the second biggest private Indian Employer in India,employing 130000 Indians……. or in it’s Double Standards when dealing with the two Big ‘B’s’… British Petroleum and Bhopal !……. President Obama has come down heavily on British Petroleum for the ‘continuing from April’ Oil Leak that is yet affecting USA coastline… he has extracted, to begin with, a compensation of US $ 20 billion from BP… this is just one year’s profit for BP !….. India got just under Rs 500 crs or a little over US $ 100 Million for the Bhopal Tragedy and it was clearly ‘pressurised’ by USA in releasing Union Carbide Chairman, Warren Anderson and letting him fly back to USA!… wonder what quid pro quo was involved for this !…. was an Indian closely connected with the Powers in India and who was to serve a Long sentence,released from US Jail and deported ?… Aha !

An Indo-US Nuclear Bill has just been introduced in our Legislature…. Obama is to vist India in November this year

I just hope, India asserts itself with USA….. and does not cow or bow down to pressure tactics sacrificing Moralities, Ethics and Humanitarian Issues over Corporate and Commercial Interests! 

My simple observation is that why did Mr Ahluwalia not immediately disclose and make public this email reply from Froman on July 30, 2010 ?…. it is sensitive as Froman clearly says “…. it will have a chilling effect on our Investment Relationship”…… as Rachna Dhingra, another leading Bhopal Gas Tragedy activist, accuses that this is not the first time Mr Ahluwalia has lobbied for Dow Chemicals !… and Kamal Nath, responsible for our National Highways Grid, calls him an armchair economist… Interesting

….but then if Mr Ahluwalia had disclosed this email, Times Now would not have got this exclusive ‘Breaking News’ !…. I hope Times Now Sources don’t have any political scores to settle… and that the media is not being used to settle any……   

Whatever….. I strongly believe India does have a Conscience….. and a Credible & Honest Media are the Conscience Keepers of our Nation…..

We can do without Dow if we have to Bow or Cow !Wow ! this rhymes ! 

Cheers !



1 thought on “We can Do without DOW if we have to Cow or Bow !…. Hope Our Indian Government is not a Front for it’s Top Private Corporates like clearly the US Government is !…Dow Chemicals getting the US Govt to arm twist India !”

  1. I wouldn’t agree that the current US government is a front for top US corporates considering Obama’s anti-corporate big-government agenda. Obama has repeatedly criticized American companies in his speeches in an effort to try and represent the concerns of the “aam aadmi”. However, some might say fortunately, so far has failed to get most of his liberal agenda passed through the Senate.

    On the issue of US raising visa fees (another example of how anti-corporate this government is), this is actually good for India because if the companies cannot send the people to US, they will send the work to India. Our company has started a “Talent Hub” in India and the goal is to move 300,000 hours of work in the current year to India to remain competitive in the market.

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