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What a Mixed Week it was ! ~ Pained & Pleased both !

What a Mixed Week it was ! ~ Pained & Pleased both !

Pained at ….

  • the senseless killing by a evil young gunman of 27 ,including 18 young children at an elementary school in Newtown,USA ~ simply could not sleep that night !
  • India on the verge of losing a Home Test Cricket Series against England for the first time in many years having capitulated in earlier matches without much of a fight
  • the sudden hospitalisation of a close friend’s wife
  • the Pakistan’s Interior Minister making a State visit to India and passing ludicrous comments comparing Babri Masjid Demolition to 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist attack~and our Government simply not putting him in his place !

Pleased at….

  • Launch of our website
  • Encouraging meetings with a high powered Government Delegation from an African Nation and with niche Europe and Singapore Investment Bankers
  • Daughter performing with the Guitar at ‘Encore’ with her All Girls Band ‘Eternal Edge’
  • Meeting Up for Dinners right through the week with Close Friends from overseas visiting from San Jose,Auckland and Moscow ~ all sweetly and thoughtfully bearing chocolates and more ! ~ and the Moscow friend,who was posted in India as a Top Diplomat’s wife some years ago,made my day saying ” it’s simply impossible to find a guy like you to marry these days !” when I inquired about her daughters ! ~I did observe though that there was a studied silence from my wife at this compliment !
  • Catching up at a friend’s son’s wedding reception,with an Old School Gang of Friends,one of who is a celebrity Tabla ‘Ustad’ well known in the percussion world of Fusion Music ~ we reached Cooperage only at 10.15 pm,thinking we were late but learnt the baarat had come in only at 9.30 pm ! ~ we  think we overstayed as we all left at midnight after some wonderful ‘Peru’ Ice Cream  with salt and chilli powder! ~ anyway it was a Punjabi Wedding  and was set to start after midnight ! delayed only by  a few hours!
  • Our SS 1 Stock Select L & T Finance sustaining Rs 90 levels having climbed brilliantly from Rs 50 in the last month

This Week is also event packed in and out of office ~  On Wednesday night  my wife and I dance a choreographed ‘Senorita’ Number from ZNMD and a funky Indian Number at a cousin’s sangeet as part of his wedding celebrations ! ~ she’s graceful and I’m saying my graces !

Cheers !


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