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What Gaurav !…no Blog yesterday on the Sensex going up 336 points ? !

I’ve been getting a lot of calls on why there was no blog yesterday on the Sensex going up by 336 Points….The answer lies in that the Sensex is down 300 points this afternoon

I’m not a Day Trader….to those who are I can only reiterate what I say on such issues at various forums that ” Kam Aao toh Kamao…Roj Aao to Rojao ! “ …It effectively translates into that

It Is Not Necessary To Trade or Deal Every Day…Otherwise You Will Overtrade and Lose Money
“Bulls Make Money…. Bears Make Money…. Pigs Get Slaughtered”

Even Mukesh Ambani does not know what the Price of Reliance Industries will close at today ! how do you ? !


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