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“What Indian stocks should we be buying or selling ?”

“What stocks should we be buying or selling ?” 

Have been queried this more often in the past month or two, especially after 2012 opened with a bang and Sensex and Nifty began their 2012 Journey as if to conquer new peaks soon as record FII Inflows packed a punch ! 

Overnight,as in any Bull run,the equity and derivative advisory websites and emailers began to come out of the woodwork like worms….”Make Money in a Day”….”We are always right”…”We earned our clients this and that in this and that strategy in stocks and indices”….the advice basis and approach could be fundamental or technical…such claims and boasts from such sites bombard your email box daily from all over India…Noida,Gurgaon, Bangalore,Hyderabad,Ahmedabad,Chandigarh,Kolkata,Chennai…and ofcourse Mumbai …you have to deal with these in addition to the plethora of Experts humming away contrasting and contradictory opinions on Stock Channels….Try Ignoring them….you’ll become wiser….Equity is Risky but never Boring ! 

What comes to my mind is the classic song from ‘Mera Naam Joker’…… “Aye Bhai Zara Dekh kay Chalo…aage bhi nahi,peeche bhi,uppar bhi nahin neeche bhi…Aye Bhai ! ” …and quite comically too another classic song from the same movie retorts back to me ” Jeena Yaha ,Marna Yaha,Uske Siva Jaana Kaha !…”  ….that’s the addiction of Stock Markets !

A Rational and Sensible Approach is that if you missed the early Jan and Feb run,don’t get seduced to get in now on a top down approach and play the Sensitive Indices,whether Sensex or Nifty ,or even Sector Indices like the Bank Nifty or any other….be very selective….it increasingly is a bottoms up market and Indications are that the Sensex will remain rangebound between 15000 and 19000 this year

Yeah ! am sure you want to tap into my Selections !…Oil & Gas Sector Scrips have been hit with Subsidy burdens and additional cess pressure (Rs 4500/t from Rs 2500/t earlier) from this Budget 2012….but there is one Company that is expanding vigorously to take advantage of rising prices….I had interacted strongly with top management a few years ago….it became a good multibagger over the years….it now is positioning itself to become the world’s second largest capacity at a single place…need to interact with them again     

Cheers !


3 thoughts on ““What Indian stocks should we be buying or selling ?””

  1. Dear Sir, Could you please share the name of the Company that you are referring to which has a strong management and has been a multibagger in the past. Regards Rohit

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