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What will Psychologists say for those who Speculate too much !?

What will Psychologists say for those who Speculate too much in our Markets  !?

Psychologists relate Behaviour to Emotion

So what would Psychologists Say for those who Speculate in our Markets too much ! ?

  1. They are too Liberal with Other People’s Monies !
  2. They cannot be trusted !
  3. They are unreliable !
  4. They are unfaithful !
  5. They need Counselling !
  6. They need to attend De-addiction Clinics !
  7. They are Top of the League in engaging in both the 4 letter words RISK and F–K ! ~ Aces in both !
  8. They believe in more you Speculate the Luckier you will get,especially with a mindset of Double or Quits !
  9. They have a Phd in  Cursing and Foul Language and are Great Mentors for this ! ~ too much of F & O !
  10. All of the above

After All Derivatives are both Deleterious & Delinquent ~ Don’t be under any Delusion otherwise !

Hey ! I’m not saying it ! ~ just speculating what the Psychologists would be saying for those who speculate a lot !

What’s your Guess they would say for those who F & O too much !?

FO perhaps !

Cheers !



1 thought on “What will Psychologists say for those who Speculate too much !?”

  1. anurag awasthi

    ‘probability player’…………..gambling has been instutionalised recently

    but in 13th Century

    There are many examples contracts entered into by English Cistercian Monestaries who frequently sold their wool up to 20 years in advance to foreign merchants.


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