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What’s Cooking ? Spotted Lady Head of a rival Insurance major hobnobbing with the Vice Chairman of an ADAG Group Company !

What’s Cooking ?

Was hosting a top Citibanker ( on his way out), last night at a Club in South Mumbai and greeted the Vice chairman of an ADAG Company at the reception….later in the Night he was one of the citizen panelists on a TV Debate on a leading News Channel on the Recent Terrorism Strike in Mumbai….I had given him my ticket for Shiamak Davar’s ‘I Believe’ Concert earlier this year at NCPA.

What intrigued me was that he was with the Indian Lady Head of a rival and  Major Insurance  Powerhouse and who is in contention to Head the Sponsor Banking Group early next year

Her Lady Banking colleague has just switched to head the Indian Operations of a US Financial Powerhouse and who has just announced US $ 400 Million financing for rival brother,Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance group

Is the ADA Group,through this Vice Chairman, trying to woo this Lady ? If she does switch she will be out of contention for the Main Job of heading the Bank in her Group…thus leaving the top job to be snatched by the current harried Woman who is responsible for the Bank’s Operations and who has repeatedly come on Television to reassure clients,creditors and shareholders that all is well with the bank 

Earlier this Vice Chairman was heading the Finance function of a leading Cement Company and is known as a Finance Wiz

Interesting and Intriguing and Insider Trading of sorts !…a lot at stake here  for many ! 



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