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When Strong Investment Advice from a Leader goes Crazily wrong,it’s not the Leader who suffers !

Human memory is very Short…..In November 2008, one of India’s leading Investment and Merchant Banking and Broking Outfit strongly advised it’s clients to sell off their whole Equity Portfolio…I had blogged it too as it was extreme advice from a Leader..rare in itself

  • A Rare Technical Report from a leading Securities Entity has studied the Sensex trends for the last 30 years and made a call that the Sensex shows weakness as it has breached earlier in 2008 a five year support line and in early October has breached the 50 months average….Sensex has now entered a structural bear market….It will fall to a range of 5720-6750,eventually finding support in the range 6150-7150…Pull Back Rally can first take it to 11500 before it resumes the fall again…This is their BOLD STRATEGY recommended

               Only Trade and do not Invest

                         Do not average purchases

                                  Aggressively Sell off Portfolio

                                         Short the Market at Higher Sensex Levels

                                                Trade Long on further 10%-20% upside with Strict StopLoss

Since then the Sensex sought a low of 8000 again in early March 2009 and then has simply doubled inside six months…It never dived below 7000 and 6000…so there was no finding support and stabilising at levels of 6150-7150

If you had followed this extreme advice,you’d have booked all your losses and never had an opportunity through an equity portfolio to recoup the loss…quicker by averaging purchases…..worse you could have shorted a rising market and hit by a double whammy !…At 8000 you were seeking a further fall to bottom of 20% which never happened and you missed the 100% run

But Human Memory is very Short….This Entity is now ‘revisting it’s assumptions’ but it retains leadership position in the Investment and Merchant Banking Field and continues influencing many Investors…While flexing it’s Money Muscle it needs to flex it’s Mind Muscles too,especially before offering such extreme advice !

It’s your Monies at Stake…Think Rationally…Don’t Follow Advice Blindly…particularly extreme advice 

Honestly,I too was bearish at the time but held back such extreme advice because,as I told clients,once you sell all,you’ll never buy again for a long time !…and the markets after seeking bottoms will recover…such bottoms are great buying and averaging opportunities…Clients were pressing to adopt a strategy to sell and buyback on lower bottoms and I was holding them back saying what if your bottom never comes  and the market recovers !…This is exactly what has happened 

Clearly One should have averaged purchases and not have Sold or Shorted…clearly this was contrary to the extreme advice given by this Financial Powerhouse


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