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A Clean Game with Politicians running Cricket in India?

In the 1980s there was a thriving and adventurous  Bank called BCCI ~ read the Book “Dirty Money” ~ It’s the  True Story of how a Financial Institution turned into a haven for terrorist gangs,arms merchants,drug dealers and sleazy dictators….how a criminal agenda laundered drug money,financed arm deals,peddled influence,bribed politicians,defrauded depositors and sponsored spies ~ no wonder BCCI  is notoriously recalled as the Bank of Crooks & Criminals International

……..and here in India we have the BCCI controlling Indian Cricket ~ it’s awash in Cash ! giving it the weapon to even bully the ICC

And when you have Politicians running BCCI and State Cricket Bodies because of the obscene Monies involved how can we expect Cricket to remain Clean

IPL was an idea that germinated in Fugitive’s and ex IPL Commisioner Lalit Modi’s fertile brain  to glamorize Cricket ~ and with Glamour and Lure and Politicians beckoning how can you expect Bollywood, friendly  Corporates and the Underworld  not to be a part of it ! ~ He sits in London blaming BCCI powers for his own fixing of Flintoff auction so he goes to BCCI’ s President’s N Srinivasan’s Chennai Super Kings and also that no franchise should bid for the Pakistani Players in the auction ~ He and BCCI President Srinivasan were all in it together before they fell out

For it’s Part,BCCI simply bought out Influential Indian Cricketing Legends by giving them lucrative deals in Commentary and even co-opted some on to BCCI and IPL Committees ~ Of course they will remain silent on the recent controversies  ~ How can we expect them to bite the rich hand that feeds them obscenely ~ Even a rebel ex Captain who promoted a rival league has been won over !

Of Course the combative BCCI President N Srinivasan will ultimately either resign or be booted out for his son in law’s arrest last night by the Mumbai Police  on charges of Betting and passing on CSK Team Information to Bookies ~ but what about the current IPl Commissioner and Congress Minister Rajiv Shukla ? ~ why is he being shielded ? ~ Should he too not  take responsibility and resign

Currently the Power Struggle and Compromise Discussions are on within the BCCI Power Base who are also Political big wigs in the Congress, BJP and NCP, as to who should be the next BCCI President

The Rot must begin at the Top ~ let’s not be naive ! ~ Cricket is a Religion in India  ~ Millions are Passionate for this Game~ it’s a simple BCCI Formula ~ let’s juice them ! ~ lucrative media rights and sponsorship and advertising has made BCCI literally a Treasure House

As for me I have never been for IPL right from Inception as I think it kills the Game in Spirit & Substance , pollutes Cricketers and thrives in sleaze and glamour and obscene monies scenarios

But I do like the Cheerleaders !

Cheers !


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