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Why Football is Life and vice versa on Planet Earth ! ~ Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s incredible goal and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Human side and Mesmerising Messi are inspiring

Why Football is Life and vice versa on Planet Earth ! ~ Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s incredible goal and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Human side are inspiring ~ Both are Living and Currently Playing Legends along with Mesmerising Messi

Swedish Player Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s  out of this world Goal

An ecstatic and shirtless Zlatan Ibrahimovic after scoring an incredible 30 yard Bicycle Kick Goal for Sweden against England

Just check out this incredible Ibrahimovic’s fourth goal ~ he scored all four !~ for Sweden in a friendly which they won 4-2 against England the other day

Brilliant ! Phenomenal !Fantastic ! Unbelievable ! Stunning! Magical! Impossible ! Inspiring!Out of this World ! Only Possible in a Video Game!…………Yet I would rate this 30 yard right foot  Ibrahimovic scissor kick into the English Goal only second to Argentinian Legend Diego Maradona’s brilliant run from the half line through four or five or six English Players to score a brilliant goal just after his infamous ‘Hand of God’ Goal against England in the 1986 World Cup 

Portugal’s Playing Legend Cristiano Ronaldo shows his Human Side as a Loving Father 

A Rare Smile from Cristiano Ronaldo

Football Superstar Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo has been perceived as arrogant and petulant on the pitch and it may have cost him the coveted Ballon d’Or to Messi all the three times they were nominated head to head for it ~ Ronaldo did win the coveted Prize in 2008 when Messi was not nominated

But in an exclusive CNN Interview with the World Sport Anchor Pedro Pinto,Ronaldo opens out and reveals his human side saying it was the best thing in the world to have a kid and to get up to see him and hear him say “Daddy”…he has even changed diapers though he prefers to shower his two year old and pour shampoo and conditioner on his hair ~ it’s more fun !  

Ronaldo should smile more Often says CNN’s Pedro Pinto

So who will win the Ballon d’Or this January 2013 ~ Messi or Ronaldo !? Both have had a glorious 2012 scoring record number of winning goals

For Me it’s Mesmerising  & Magical Messi ~ I’m a great Fan of his ! just love to watch him dance and weave through the Opposition and score or set up goals   ~ even though the CNN Interview and Pedro Pinto’s great comments for Ronaldo have softened me a bit for Ronaldo !

What about You Guys !? Who’s your Favourite ?


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