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Will the Sensex close over 24000 for the first time on Election Outcome Day Today !?

Will the Sensex close over 24000 for the first time on Election Outcome Day Today !?….Singapore Nifty is up 1% early Indian Morning !

Our Capitalism Index our Sensex has recorded an intraday High of 24068.95 earlier this week on Tuesday, May 13,2014  but has never closed above 24000….yesterday it closed at 23905.60 ready to leap past 24000 again and even as all expect close with great vigour over 24000 today as all EXIT Polls indicate a BJP Victory and NDA forming the next government and Narendra Modi becoming India’s 14th Prime Minister

Will FIIs pump in a record US $ One Billion today or Monday and a further US $ 20 billion in the next six months !?

How many will announce IPOs in the next three months…..25 companies….50 companies…100 companies !?

Indian Rupee strengthens 10 % at least to US $ = Rs 54 over next six months !?

Will India GDP show an uptick of at least 1 % to cross 5.5% in FY 15 !?

From Vibrant Gujarat to Vibrant India  & a Vibrant Sensex & Saffron Indian Skies  !?

….or will we have kissed 24000 and fade away back to 22000 in quick time !?

I’m neither a detractor nor am attracted to any political party or leader…just Positive &  Optimisitic as always ! 🙂

Cheers !


6 thoughts on “Will the Sensex close over 24000 for the first time on Election Outcome Day Today !?”

  1. Hello Sir
    So can we assume You have not voted in last so many years & if you voted this time You voted for NOTA as you said you are neutral ?

    1. Gaurav Parikh

      Krishan ! I’m NOTA one who Votes NOTA ! and I have always Voted!…and with my Head & Heart too…unlike in Marriage where you fall Head over Heels and Vote only with the Heart ! 😉

  2. Hello Sir
    Now I can safely assume You have voted for narendra modi bcos you have mentioned his and vibrant gujarat name many times, though not asking you, but confused from your statement.

  3. Hello Sir
    Forget to mention, like the other stock market stalwarts investors & PMS providers like you, have voted for narendra modi. Thanks

    1. Gaurav Parikh

      Dear Krishan,
      Now ! Now !…I did not vote for the BJP !…could not even if I wanted to !… as,like airlines have,there was code sharing in my South Mumbai constituency and a pre poll alliance Shiv Sena candidate stood and won the seat….Did I vote for him ? or Milind Deora of Congress? or Meera Sanyal of AAP ? or for any one of the other 15 odd candidates ?…let it be….in my blogposts I was only observing what is evident for all to sense and feel and see how one man Modi has rallied the country ,most of it anyway,together and his unexpected resounding and historic victory margin has reflected in a more buoyant and vibrant stock market….if he performs our country will too and this momentum is likely to continue for a long time….enjoy the rally while being cautious too rather than rack your brains as to who I voted for!…of course my vote matters !…but it does not matter !…if you know what I mean !…Cheers ! 🙂

  4. Hi Sir,

    I am reading quite a few posts of yours..just wanted to know regarding cycle of there any..if it is there then companies do to curb that or what govt. do to curb the same.

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