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Witticism at the Cricket World Cup Finals in Mumbai……

India went ballistic last night after India lifted the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup in Mumbai….

Here are some World Cup Final Witticisms read or heard…expect to keep adding…Cheers !

South India Superb Film Star Rajnikant……

  1. When India had lost Tendulkar and were 31 for  2 chasing 275 to win,everyone turns to Rajnikant who was at the Stadium…”Do something! ” they cried….”Don’t Worry,I saw India win last night,I’m here only for the Highlights !” said Rajnikant
  2. Now no more Indian Wickets will fall…Rajnikant has padded up !
  3. anhonee ko honee kar de
    honee ko anhonee
    jis jagah jab jamaa ho teeno
    rajni, gajni aur dhoni !

Some Varunisms…..Son,Varun

  1. First Time a South African has reached the World Cup Final !….Gary Kirsten !
  2. Dhoni would have scored a century if he had given Sreesanth one more over !
  3. The Sri Lankan President had come to escort his team home just as the Pakistan PM too had come to Mohali for


  1. Mahela Jaywardene was allowed by the Indians to score an unbeaten century because Indians are a very considerate,respectable and hospitable people  “Hum Mahela koh taqleef nahi dete !”
  2. This morning Sri Lankans were sipping their Tea from the saucer…India had taken the Cup !




2 thoughts on “Witticism at the Cricket World Cup Finals in Mumbai……”

  1. Madhu Soothanan

    Something off topic….

    Please encourage corporates to join India against corruption movement…

    Lets do our bit…

    Gaurav – requesting a special post on this movement please….

  2. Corporates are too busy making money & paying bribes to politicans to attend IAC rally.
    Kindly do the needful yourself & spread the word!
    Finally we have our Second War of Independence
    I hope media does not get distracted by the ‘circus’ called IPL-4 which is itself source of immense corruption & collusion between politicains & businessman!

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