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Wonderful Address by Rahul Bose at the Investiture Ceremony of Cathedral School…

🙂 What a Wonderful Address this morning by ex Cathedralite and Film & Theatre Actor and Rugby Player Rahul Bose at the Investiture Ceremony of Cathedral School

Monday,March 4,2013 ~ Chief Guest & Ex Cathedralite & Actor Rahul Bose administering the Oath to daughter(in School Prefect Coat) and others at the Cathedral School Investiture Ceremony at Birla Matoshri,Mumbai

This Morning at Birla Matoshree at Marine Lines,Cathedral School had their Annual Investiture Ceremony to give the oath to all those students of the school that have been appointed for the School Year 2013-14 as Head Boy and Girl,School Prefects,Captain & Vice Captain of the four Houses,Captains of the various Sports Disciplines and Presidents or Secretaries of the various societies and groups ~ Daughter was one of these with three positions

Rahul Bose addressed the Students and Invited Parents with a ‘straight from the heart’ speech ~ he began with a great point that he was reaching out to all students ~ even those who have not been appointed ~ they too will go out to become fine and wise and fair citizens and achievers too

He spoke of Ambition and Drive ~ How Ambition can become obsessive as you move from one goal to another without enjoying the Moments ~ and how Drive means to live in the Present and enjoy the Moment ~ the Present will never come back ~so always chose Drive over Ambition and give it your best ~ even when you don’t like the task at hand learn and try to make it an enjoyable task ~ try not to lie ~ always do what you love ~think of three things that you would like a friend to be saying of you at your death and live your life to earn that praise

Had a contrived opinion of Rahul before today that I must say was more on hearsay and mediaspeak ~ revised it today to one of respect ~ told him so at the end that he had delivered a lovely pep talk to not just the students but to us too


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