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Wow ! Item Girl Suzlon up 20% @ Rs 23 as Sun Pharma Promoters buys in !

Wow ! Item Girl Suzlon up 20% @ Rs 23 as Sun Pharma Promoters buys in !

An Open Offer too has been announced

Market Guys had sized up Suzlon as the Item Girl of the Market given it’s many controversies and tantalising swings and have been playing it’s volatility and should I daresay being entertained by it in great volumes for long ūüôā

The Item Girl’s coming Good now !

Clearly Suzlon Energy is now Energised by the entry of Turnaround Artist Dilip Shanghvi of Sun Pharma

It is unlikely the Open Offer for 26% of the Shares will be successful at the Offer Price of Rs 18

A Host of Shareholders from the Shanghvi Family will be allotted 100 crore Equity Shares at Rs 18 and thus bringing in Rs 1800 crs  into Suzlon

Last Month in January 2015 Suzlon entered into an all cash deal to sell it’s German Subsidiary,Senvion for Rs 7200 crs

These Fund Infusions  and  the Entry of Dilip Shanghvi of Sun Pharma are both hugely positive for Suzlon

Suzlon will now be able to tap on huge scale the potential  in the Wind Energy Sector

Watch out for announcement of concrete Scale up Plans

Watch out for the Share Price too !

The Market Cap has crossed Rs 7800 crs today ….but if you include at today’s closing Price of @ Rs 23 the fresh 100 cr Equity Shares of Rs 2 to be issued ,the Market Cap is Rs 10000 crs !

Remember  late 2005 & the IPO frenzy and the frenzied Rs 50000 crs Market Cap at the time and shortly thereafter !

I had even angrily blogged on this then and again in 2013

Suzlon Energy @ Rs 14 ~ Gone with the Wind ! Now back with CDR !?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013
Now can it regain a Market Cap of Rs 50000 crs ! ?
Well,Dilip Shanghvi has a fast growing reputation as a great and pugnacious and persistent turnaround and acquisition specialist 
Suzlon’s Tanti has found a Saviour ¬†in Shanghvi !



4 thoughts on “Wow ! Item Girl Suzlon up 20% @ Rs 23 as Sun Pharma Promoters buys in !”

  1. You said, open offer won’t be successful. Overall I am not sure what is your view on this. Please put your view on price movement in say 3 months, etc. So many news came and now it is difficult to understand.

    1. Open Offer will be at Rs 18 while the Share Price is already at Rs 23…why would shareholders sell in the open offer,unless of course the Share Price drops to below Rs 18 during the Offer Period ?

  2. hi gaurav, is time period for open offer specified anywhere….Do u see reviaval in open offer or Mr.Sanghvi is smart to get shares at lower value…Afterall acquirer is inidan businesman and not some MNC

  3. Thanks Gaurav.
    Clear now. Possibly new FCCB conversation may bring it down though now it is unlikely.

    Thank you for your reply.

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