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Wow ! Napolean Bonaparte’s Preserved Penis worth US $ 100000

Paulo ‘The Alchemist’ Coelho fascinates me….”If you chase your dreams,your dreams will chase you”…Wow !

love visiting his blog…he’s embarking on a spiritual retreat from tomorrow for a few days and will have access to the internet for only 20 minutes everyday…uncanny coincidence !…because I too am doing the same later this week !

Caught my eye was this link on his blog  on Napoleon’s penis…what an Investment !…unique,exclusive and cannot be recreated or replicated !…Holding History,literally and figuratively, in your Hands !

Allegedly cut off in 1821 by Napoleon’s Doctor during the autopsy and not well preserved through the years,the Penis was purchased by a New Jersey Urologist in 1977 for US $ 3000…he kept it under his bed!…his daughter has now inherited this ‘relic’ and has been offered US $ 100000

‘Time’ magazine lists the Penis in the Top 10 List of Famous Stolen Body Parts …the List is as below

  1. Maori Heads
  2. Santa Claus’ Bones
  3. Geronimo’s Skull
  4. Anne Boleyn’s Heart
  5. Benito Mussolini’s Brain
  6. Napoleon’s Penis
  7. Remains of Thomas Paine
  8. St. Francis Xavier’s Toe
  9. The Head of King Badu Bonsu II
  10. The Purloined African

Read :,28804,1988719_1988728_1988720,00.html

Just Imagine  a similar hypothetical Indian Top Ten List of Famous Departed Souls !…wonder whose body part would be a good investment !…or is this a sacrilegious thought !

I’ve categorised this blog under both ‘Investing Themes’ and ‘INVESTOR MISTAKES’ ….depends on whether you think it’s a sacrilegious investment or not !

Cheers !


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