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WoW ! Sensex kissing 28000 ! ~ Get into Equity !

Got to convey this to you this evening and to reiterate that one is yet not missing the Equity Boat even though Sensex has surged 40% from 20000 to 28000 levels in the year

A Healthy Correction has been widely called but has eluded thus far

At these High Levels I reiterate 

  1. Get into Equity & Keep at least a Three Year Perspective till 2017 for recording acceptable Equity Gains 
  2. Exercise caution when investing in Scrips that are quoted towards their 52 week Highs and have already run up 100% to 600% this year…they may be orchestrated seduction traps
  3. Seek Sound Professional Equity Fundamental Counseling that advices you also on maintaining the discipline of Asset Allocation & Investing within your Risk Profile     

On the Macro Index Level look at the phenomenal 40 % Sensex run up from 20000 levels to kissing distance of 28000 today…it surged over 500 Points today !

Sensex One Year till Oct 31,2014

 The Heat Map shows all 30 constituents ,but for Bharti Airtel, registering gains


Sensex Heatmap October 31,2014

Should you need to discuss getting into Equity or the specifics of your Equity Portfolio and whether the stock selections and positioning and weightage is appropriate and  who are not already our Personal Clients are welcome to connect with us to explore if we can create wealth for you through Equity

Our Performance is up on our website   

Those who advice others on Equity can connect with us too for a customised Win Win arrangement for their Clients and them too


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