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Yeah ! Roger Federer lifts a record Seventh Wimbledon Singles Crown !

Roger Federer lifting a record Seventh Wimbledon Trophy in 2012

Yeah ! ~Federer lifts a record seventh Wimbledon Title to equal Pete Sampras ~ beats a tiring and animated Andy Murray in fours sets 4-6,7-5,6-3,6-4 despite making a record 30+ unforced errors

A Bonus ! ~ Federer regains his World No 1 Ranking too with his wife and really cute twin baby daughters cheering him on for this 17th Grand Slam Title too !

Murray was the first Brit in 74 years to enter the Finals and could not make it a historic one though he said post match he’s “Getting Closer!” ~ The Great Fred Perry was the last Englishman to win the Wimbledon ~ in fact a hat-trick of wins in the mid 1930s ~ Murray’s emotions poured out after the match and he could not hold back his tears while thanking all for their great support and crediting Federer that even at 30 he had something in him and deserved to win !

Roger Federer is simply in another league ! ~ wins despite over 30 unforced errors ~ Murray was clearly tiring  and getting animated too as the match progressed ~ he began brilliantly with all of Britain behind their Boy ~ Murray broke Federer in the very first game of the match and though Federer  got a break back,Murray broke him again to win the first set 6-4 ~ Federer won the next three sets to lift the Wimbledon Title 2012

And would you believe it !~ Just to see their Countryman Murray play the Finals,the first Brit in 74 years to do so ,the Wimbledon Mens Finals Centre Court Ticket zoomed to Pounds 42000 ! That’s @ US $ 66000 or @ Rs 36 lakhs ! Phew ! ~ This is the figure that was repeatedly quoted on Live TV by Indian Tennis Ace of yesteryears,Vijay Amritraj who was one of the Commentators for live coverage of Wimbledon for a leading Sports TV Channel  ~ gave him a chance to also plug the Channel ! saying it’s better to sit relaxed at home and watch the Finals on TV rather than paying such a price ! ~ I quite agree really ! ~ probably because we are not Brits too ! ~ but I bet a lot of Brits too would agree !


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