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You’re not Human if you’re not Inspired by Susan Boyle ! ~ Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover !

You’re not Human if you’re not Inspired by this !  ~ Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover !

In 2009, 47 year old and on the heavier side ,Susan Boyle from Scotland simply stunned all when she sang at ‘Britains Got Talent’

Before she Performed,she said she would like to be like Elaine Page when asked by the Judges….All watching her were cynical and expected her to simply bomb on stage and make a mockery of herself ~ She just stood there not saying a word or challenging this perception ! ~ and that was her beauty too !

The Magic began when she began !

She sang “Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables

The Audience was on their feet instantly cheering her on and gave her a standing ovation too !

The Three Judges,Simon Cowell,Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan all gave her a resounding Yes with a standing ovation from Amanda

Absolutely Inspiring !

I had seen her begin her Journey  on TV on this Show in 2009 and relived that moment again today !

Life’s Journey is about these Moments of Pure Bliss & Inspiration !

Susan Boyle moved on to the Finals and was a clear favourite to win the Competition but was voted  in Second !

Cheers !


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