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You’ve got just 10 seconds to look at these three Bikini clad Beach Bombshells !

You’ve got just ten seconds to see these Three Bikini Clad Beach Bombshells !

Done ! ?

If you did not spot the Shark behind, you’ve got a serious problem!

It’s the same when Investing !  Many are obsessed and  only have eyes for those quick ‘BIG’ and ‘GLAMOROUS’ Returns…. and are blind to the lurking ‘BIG’ Risks attached !

Many ‘glamorous’ scrips will seduce you to sleep with them…wine and dine them…pub and club them…even marry them !…the Thrill will last only till your Money does !

Look Closer ! Are they really Glamorous !?

Remember that today’s WINNERS could become tomorrow’s LOSERS

Don’t just be lured,tempted,guided or influenced by Price and the Promise of quick ‘GLAMOROUS’ Returns… Look for Value too !…otherwise you are just another sucker who fell for an Investment  with just ‘Future Promises’ rather than one which truly had  ‘A Promising Future ‘


3 thoughts on “You’ve got just 10 seconds to look at these three Bikini clad Beach Bombshells !”

  1. Hey Gaurav!
    Are you also taken in by the compulsion of promoting your viewership by these pictures and some obvious inane comments? Remember your plea to reserve this blog only for serious finance and economics discussion and analysis?

  2. Gaurav Parikh

    Hi Shyam,

    gr8 to hear from you…Oops…sorry for offending though none was meant !

    You should know me a little better by now…I don’t market this blog or clamour for more viewership…I just express what I feel strongly about

    In this case,as the Sensex has soared from 8000 to 15000 from March to June,I have been pushed a lot for specific scrip advice that would bring in fast and big gains !…This pressure prompted this warning !….blog does cater to a wide spectrum of people….you just ignore the picture !

  3. Hi Gaurav,
    I can accept that. I had no moral indignation in mind except that, as I told you, I refer my MBA-Finance students to your posts for some analytical insights in my lecture class. Now you know why I reacted in the derisive manner! I did’nt mean to impute any motives at all. And now, let us all get on with the various discussions!
    With the best,

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