Sat Feb 17 2018~Mumbai Funda Equity Workshop~Taking Stock at Sensex 36000

Hey ! Here’s the Announcement that’s been eagerly awaited for the next Mumbai Fundamental Equity Workshop after Full Houses in June & August 2017

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Fundamental MasterClass in Mumbai
Stock Selection ~ Value Vs Price – 2018 ~ Markets Major & Mature ~ Sensex 36000 ~ Taking Stock

Saturday, February 17, 2018

As usual it’s on a Full Saturday .This time on February 17,2018 at my Fort HO in Mumbai.The Investment,inclusive of GST etc, is Rs 18000 or Rs 16200 each for 3 or more registrations from a group

As Limited Seats,do sign up quick for debating & discussing wealth creation & destruction through direct Equity in Indian Listed Companies

We are at all time Highs on the Sensitive Indices with the Sensex at 36000+ & Nifty at 11000+

At my last August 2017 Workshop the Sensex & Nifty were at 32300 & 10000 levels.They’re up 10%+ since then in six months but the magic has been in Specific Scrips which have recorded life changing surges if you were only invested in them !

For illustration when guiding on Valuation with regards to Non Linear Earnings Potential  in the June & August Workshop I had the participants engage in a Valuation exercise for half an hour on Bombay Dyeing at Rs 70 to Rs 82 levels & draw conclusions with some convictions.It raced away to Rs 300 & it’s now at Rs 250 levels ~ yet over 200% inside six months…of course Markets have been kind too in this period

In the August Workshop we played out a 20% CAGR scenario over 5 years to explain the Magic of Compounding.We used Yuken at Rs 1877 as an illustration taking into account it’s financials,past,present & future potential.If at 5 years in 2022 it would reach Rs 4670 it would give this 20% CAGR.It’s up 150% absolute touching Rs 4700 today inside 6 months ! …Life Changing Wealth Creation in Equity is simply the Magic of Compounding in a right Selection based on the Valuation leg of the Equity Table

What Now? What Next?

Bank of America thinks Sensex will slide & close at 32000 end 2018 ….Of course in 2015 they had forecast it would be 54000 ! yes ! 54000 by end 2018 ! & Ambit thinks we are in the last stage of the Rally ~ but they’ve been remarkably bearish all of 2017 & am sure their clients must have missed the 2017 gravy train in Equities ~ While Many think we are in a huge Bull Rally for Years to come & one even has called 35000 as the new Sensex Bottom ~ Should we care about what they think ?

Or should we simply care about how to grow serious wealth through direct equity in Indian Markets & protect it while growing it ? That’s what this Workshop is about

Top Down? Bottom Up?

Value Vs Price

Four Legs that hold up the Equity Table ~ Valuation,Momentum,Sentiment & Liquidity ~ How to read these currently & going forward

Why would you buy a scrip at a 100 PE ! ~ Asking or Telling?

IPOs ~ Quality & Quantity ~ Pricing & Pedigree

Investing ~ Gurus,Themes,Mindsets,Approaches,Strategies,Fundas & of course Mistakes !

Asset Allocation

Bitcoin ? Yah or Nah!?

Touchbase on a Touchline

Tactical weightage ~ Why & When?

Shutting out Noise

Making rational & sound  & gainful Interpretations from Data that will impact Share Price~be it subjective or objective ~ be it change in management or ownership or  changing sector or company dynamics ~ be it Earnings assumptions or  Asset Monetisations ~ be it change in Capital Structure through a Restructuring Exercise & Schemes of Arrangements or through Buy Backs,Preferential & Rights Issues,Set offs etc

Look Forward to yet again a healthy & happy Saturday ,February 17,2018 with the participants where Wealth of Monies & Wealth of Minds should move in Tandem & we together continue to evolve as better Investors & more importantly better people as we go through why & how to evolve Multidisciplinary & interconnecting Investing Mindsets while assessing Value Vs Price on at least 25 Companies

As one participant said “Your Workshop is a better Wealth Creator than Insider Trading!”

& yet another this last Christmas ” “Ur our Santa sir,as long as you’re with us no need of Santa”  

Humbling & Oh ! we all do need a Santa !

🙂 See you at the Workshop & hope you win at least one of the rewards on offer for the Corporate Tambola or for best Interaction or for an interesting answer or….!

Cheers !

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